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Spring is officially here, and I’m finding it difficult to patiently wait for the last frost before I spend a fortune on spring blooms.  Flowers are a two-way street for me.  While they are beautiful and fragrant and their own brand of therapy, they can also be expensive.  Expensive is nothing new to me – I’m willing to invest some good money into therapy things that make me happy, but those things I usually justify with longevity and the ever-present cost-per-wear argument.  Flowers are like pets for me: The chances that I will out-live them are quite good.  The Mr is always surprised when I bring home flowers, he has come to realize that I’d rather consume chocolate than slowly watch an incredible flower arrangement wilt itself to death.  I’m talking about the flower arrangements that cost an absurd fortune, mostly advertised and sold on Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day.  You know, the ones that cost more than $100 and come with a vase I don’t really want and lots of baby’s breath (is that even what it’s called?!)  I’m more of a buy-a-dozen-red-roses-for-ten-dollars and put them in bud vases throughout my house kind of girl.  Until now.

In an attempt to get over it, I attended the first Bloom Academy workshop at fun River Market Event Space last month.  Here is the floral creation I mostly made (with a little help from my friends, and floral guru Emily Walters!) ta-da!

The Bloom Academy

Local blogger (and local friend) Emmy Walters introduced me to The Bloom Academy.  It’s a membership-only forum that includes hands-on workshops and members-only content that is helping to take from “floral grump” to “floral guru.”  (and if anyone can do it, it’s the master of floral herself, Emily Walters.)  She has an incredible wealth of knowledge and experience, and her sense of humor keeps me from feeling too stupid (lol!)  I attended one of her workshops last month and had an absolute blast, ate some delicious cheeses (thanks Moxie Catering!), learned more than mommy-brain has learned in ages, and brought home a fabulous flower arrangement I loved.


The Bloom Academy Workshop

Thank you to Cornerstone Photography for the incredible recap photos!

Membership includes

  • 1 year full access to the blog with exclusive content for members only.

  • Content includes step by step floral tutorials, inspiration and tips for floral styling, floral recipes, resources for buying supplies, and more.

  • Discounts on e-courses, and in person workshops (in person workshops for Kansas City residents only).

  • One-on-one teaching, so you can learn and troubleshoot your own floral problems (like what the heck is baby’s breath?!)

Be sure to check out for more deets and to sign up!


  1. Awww it looks like it was so fun – I was sad to miss out that day! Hoping to attend another one of Emily’s workshops!

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