Denim on Denim

Denim on Denim // 5 Tips for rocking this trend on

I’m talking the denim on denim trend, perfect for Spring and five simple tips for mastering it.   I’ve seen the occasional photo pop-up in my Pinterest feed – a perfectly put-together woman, chic-ly (let’s pretend that’s a real word, mkay?) long legs gracefully crossing the street (or the enviable thigh gap – my thighs […]

Day to Night

The great debate: Leggings as pants.

I love a good pair of sneakers (I think I’m getting old,) as much as the next person, but let’s face it: not all tennis shoes were created equal.  A few years ago, the Mr came home with a brand new pair of the world’s ugliest shoes.  I couldn’t stop laughing when I saw them, […]

Polished Pieces

playing dress up jewelry gems rings diamonds tivol-6292

It’s Love Time!  Single, dating, new relationships, old relationships, marriage, whatever your status is, it’s time to celebrate love.  If you’re lucky (and it’s what you were hoping for) then you will end up with a little paper box in varying shapes and colors, filled with sparkly gemstones that have been polished to “Where my sunglasses […]

Winter Sunshine

Warm Winter Days

Yesterday was a balmy 56 and so I grabbed my favorite camo jacket and spent as much time outside as I could.  I was wearing this exact camo jacket the other day when one of the youth at church complimented me on it.  I mean, be still my beating heart; I think I felt 20-something […]

Red Roses

Easy ideas, like these super-simple yarn pom-poms, for celebrating Valentine's (or any holiday!) //

The only way I can get my sons to take pictures is to lure them with sweet goodies and tell them it’s for the blog; that and the Christmas cards, where I beg and plead with them to “just chill for one minute” and it will be over in less than a minute.  Valentine’s Day is […]

Winter Whites

Tips on wearing white (and neutrals) in winter. I love this blanket scarf!

It was a balmy 72 in Kansas City today.  The day before was 60, and there were reports of record-breaking blizzards in New York.  Once the holidays come and go, I find myself completely over the cold weather; I’ve got tulips blooming on my table and Vitamin D running through my veins.    Madewell Transport […]

Season of Romance

Wedding Ring Photo idea

Valentine’s Day is approximately 3 weeks away.  Romance is in the air, and it’s certainly on the shelves at every. single. retailer.   It’s contagious, watch out!  I’m dropping subtle hints around the house (my 8 year has the memory of an elephant, and he’s great at getting exactly what I ask for lol!)  I’m […]

Socks vs. Boots

how to wear socks with boots featured image

Have you ever seen something so many times that you eventually found you like it (like Taylor Swift songs?)  I saw this pic on pinterest, then this pic on joiegirlblog (I saw this outfit in person, it was super adorable!) then Meg blogged about it here, and then I saw this pin.  Socks with booties?  […]

Merry Christmas!

Funny Holiday Family Pictures

Merry Christmas to everyone! Thank you so much to everyone that has been reading this little ole blog.  You all are amazing and part of the reason I get to do what I love.  This blog is a place where I hope you find inspiration and humor.  While I wish all things in life could […]