Art of Americana

  I used to avoid decorating for seasons and even holidays. In fact, I had a hard time sticking to themes in general; I loved too many styles and too many colors and too many neutrals and how could I ever choose?! I was the worst when it came to picking paint colors – especially […]

Home Decor

Once you’ve done the sensible things like visiting for your home warranty, it’s time for the fun part’ the decor! Regardless of whether it is a current trend or not, my favorite home decor will always include greenery – potted plants, potted trees (I would LOVE to have an atrium, how cool would that […]

Home for the Holidays

We are home for the holidays this year and I’m in the spirit to prep our home for the guests arriving in the next few weeks. I love being a hostess, and it never hurts if I have the mostess (just kidding, but I do appreciate an original idea.) I love the holidays, and for […]

Pina Colada

I recently returned from an incredible two-weeks in Puerto Rico. I forced my kids to do all sorts of terrible things, like surfing, snorkeling, hiking, and even drinking sugary drinks like Pina Colada. Apparently, pina coladas originated in Puerto Rico (I guess that’s where rum originated from as well, but we like our drinks sin […]

Kansas City Car Show

I am a professional shopper by trade. I’ve spent countless amounts of time on websites like shoppok to try and find some bargains. I know how to maximize my time and resources to do the most effective shopping for the maximum amount of people in the least amount of time. Did that confuse you? (I’m […]

Macy’s Giveaway

February is American Heart Month, and with heart disease running rampant in my family’s genes, supporting awareness month is close to my heart, no pun intended.  If breast cancer hadn’t taken out my mom, heart disease surely would have.  February 2nd is National Wear Red Day, and Macy’s – a long-time supporter of the AHA’s […]


This post brought to you in part by Kansas Farm Bureau. All photography credited to Wheat Photography. I felt like a city girl gone country (outfit on the farm, ha!) as I traversed the beautiful terrain of the great state of Kansas (I’m probably also bias.)  While I didn’t have cowboy boots, I knew enough […]

Best Subscription Boxes

It seems as though every day there is another new subscription box available, for babies, toddlers, wine enthusiasts, fashion enthusiasts, beauty mavens, dog-lovers, you name it!  It’s hard to say which are the best.  I stay away from the beauty specific subscriptions – I am the worst at trying new product, but it would be […]

French Doors

One of the required courses for my B.A. was a drawing class.  You guys. I draw like a toddler.  Maybe using toddler as a descriptor is wrong, let’s say……a four-month old (who gives a baby a crayon anyway?!)  That is the level at which I can draw (it’s really, really bad you guys.)  You should’ve […]

St. Louis Gooey Butter Cake

Doesn’t this St. Louis Gooey Butter Cake look divine?! I recently snuck away for a very brief visit with a local friend. We focused on food (mostly because I love to eat. a lot.)  My friend made me homemade mango salsa that was divine (Anna, I still need all your recipes!) as well as a […]

Kitchen Tools I

A few years ago, in what was easily the worst faux pas in the history of my marriage to The Mr, I was gifted a blender for Mother’s Day.  Cue the disappointment; it might as well have been a power drill (or a vacuum, I’m not anyone’s maid, so for the love of all that […]

Holiday Wreath

I love the holidays; the parties, the lights, the decorations, the incredible spirit of giving, and of course – gifts! Years ago, I took a quick quiz to find out what my Love Language was (see the book here.) While the quiz revealed that my primary love language is acts of service, gifts came in […]


More like House Warning. I think the worst thing in the world is showing up on someone’s doorstep with an awful gift. Housewarming gifts should be specific to the person whose home it is and luckily there are plenty of sites like which suggest gift ideas for all kinds of people. You wouldn’t buy […]

Kansas City Fashion Week

In honor of all things Pretty, Polished, and Perfect,  I’ve decided create awards for this season’s Kansas City Fashion Week: PPPxKCFW Fashion Awards (golden trophies coming soon.)  I didn’t get a chance to attend every show, so these are the winners based on the Thursday and Saturday night shows: KCFW Jewelry/Accessories Category: Georgina Herrera (this […]

Simple Costumes

I remember the day I first heard about Savers.  They had just moved into an old space that used to be a grocery store and I knew absolutely nothing about Savers, although a quick google search revealed it was a thrift store.  A few weeks later, I saw a picture posted on Facebook of a […]