Creative gifts for men (the gifts might be cliche and boring, but the packaging can be awesome!)

Quite possibly the most difficult gifts to give are for men.  In my experience (a father, four brothers, The Mr and various family friends), picking out the perfect gift for a man can be like shopping blindfolded (at a store like Ross Dress for Less – the official sponsor of this post.)  You grab something […]


I don't ever want to get out of bed!

Last month I was the grateful guest in the home of Julie Blanner.  We’ve become pretty good friends, connecting over the business of blogging, and we were both going to attend a blogger party that weekend.  As soon as I got into town, I took my bags up to her guest room and knew the […]


Creative Gift Giving that is multi-functional (and yummy. with Red Velvet Popcorn and m&ms)

The season of gift-giving is here and I couldn’t be more excited.  If you’ve ever read (or even heard of) the Five Love Languages, then you would understand that gift-giving is my secondary love language; the careful process of thought, searching, wrapping and giving a gift is so important that I would rather not give […]


Three simple steps to effortless layering with fall scarves and sweaters on

I have a love-hate relationship with fall.  I love jackets, blazers, scarves, boots and layers.  The day starts cool – cool enough for a sweater, and a scarf wrapped carelessly around my neck.  As the sun warms up the sky (or the car, where the trapped air starts baking in the relentless glare of the […]


When it rains, it pours ~ wellies

Tip No. 27: Confidence is key Confidence can make all the difference in the world.  I once walked past someone who exclaimed, “oh that look is so perfect, but only someone like you can pull that off!”  Wrong.  Anyone who has the confidence to do something can pull it off. I get my confidence from […]


How to break ALL the fashion rules. Defining your waist is the only rule I live by ~ Erin B.

Tip No. 24 THERE IS AN EXCEPTION TO EVERY RULE (wear that cardigan) I just finished reading a babble article about the do’s and dont’s of wearing cardigans.  First, I wish I lived in California.  Second, this article is the perfect example of why personal stylists exist: basic principles are just that – they don’t […]


Neutrals that still have vibrance and warmth on

The most versatile things in your closet can be elevated by the switch of a shoe. From wearing sneakers to heels and taking this outfit day to night, this is one of my favorite outfits right now. I can add a scarf or a jacket when it gets cooler, and with a push of the […]


Gold stacking bangles make a great gift for friends, and are a classic staple in any jewelry box!

First!  This post is part of an awesome collaboration (Fashionista Events) with over 100 bloggers offering amazing giveaways, so be sure to scroll down a bit for this giveaway and many more! This past summer my main staple for accessories seems to have been six classic matte gold bangles that stacked to perfection.  They were […]


bra fit featured

I have an older brother.  That sentence right there should tell you everything you need to know; he teased me relentlessly, I had a crush on every single one of his friends and he was totally embarrassed by me.  After being tortured by him for years, I realized one day that his initials are in […]