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I’m headed out for Spring Break vacation and while I will be packing some of my favorites, a brand-spanking-new cornflower peplum two-piece swimsuit just arrived in the mail and is at the top of my suitcase.  

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Photography by CW Schildt Photograghy // LimeRicki Peplum Bathing Top (c/o) // MeadowBelle Market Bangles

Choosing bathing suits can be difficult, but thanks to online retailers like LimeRicki, finding a flattering cut bathing suit is a little bit more fun (and exciting.)  In honor of the coming pool season (and the immediate spring vacations), LimeRicki is giving away one swimsuit (of your choice) to one of my lucky readers (seriously though, I love you guys – this blog is nothing without you all!)


 Of course, everything has to have some sort of matching accessories, and I find myself tempted to ask Ngan (pronounced Non) of if she has the perfect complementary piece to wear with this particular swimsuit.  I met Ngan a few years ago, and fell in love with her instantly.  She’s been hard at work building her brand, and she’s a master with metals and gemstones.  I’m currently working on a fun project with Ngan and a few of my good blogging friends (more on that later) and in anticipation of the project, Ngan is also offering one lucky reader (did I already mention how much I appreciate you guys?!) a $30 credit to her shop.  Be sure to follow her on Instagram, because she often gives sneak peeks at her latest masterpieces; clients snap them up quickly, so you won’t ever want to miss them.  Stay tuned for future posts featuring her beautiful pieces of jewelry!

EnvE Designs - she is so sweet and talented! I love her designs.

What do I pack for beach vacations?  Towels.  lol. 

  • Towels (I’m serious.)  Is there such a thing as too many towels?  I usually throw in an older, medium size bath towel (I have specific towels for the pool and beach) that I treat as disposable if necessary; no love lost on a ruined or lost old beach towel!
  • Bathing Suits Every single one I own.  Except for the pre-kids bikini I still can’t let go of (it’s not as if the eensy-teensy little thing is taking up much closet space, lol!)
  • Cover-ups Cover-ups that double as real clothes, cover-ups that are like a nice blanket I can wrap myself up in, and everything in between.
  • Hats Nice wide-brimmed hats that cover my entire face with shade!
  • Sunglasses Because you should never be without sunglasses anyway.
  • Hair Ties There’s nothing quite as lovely as beach hair.  Right up until you have to brush it. Ugh.
  • Sunblock I fully admit that I don’t wear sunblock all of the time.  I try to use it between 10am and 3pm (in the summers, we usually don’t get to the pool until 3 to avoid that harsh sun), but otherwise I need that Vitamin D!
  • Lipstick It’s the only makeup I wear for beach vacations (and one with an SPF is like killing two birds with one stone!)
  • Baubles & Bangles My favorite accessories on these beachy vacations is bold colors and delicate gold bangles/necklaces.
  • Solid Beach Shoes Flip-flops are great, but I always use my trusty Adidas slides.  Made of solid rubber, they protect my feet from the hot sand and any other unpleasantries.  Why do our feet have to be so darn sensitive?!
  • Headscarves Beach hair.  Sometimes there isn’t anything you can do but throw a scarf on it!

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