Gift Guide: for Her

I’m still in shock at how quickly time flies.  I hate to be cliché, but seriously – bat an eyelash and bam! your children are grown. Or Christmas is only two weeks away.  I’m stockpiling gifts in my bedroom, in the basement, in any empty space I have left to hide gifts before the big Wrap Session.  There are a few times when wrapping a gift with wrapping paper, tissue paper, or any number of creative wrappings (see my Ribbons, Bows & Gift Wrappings pinterest board for great ideas!) is awesome – like when they are bundled on a sled, or a piled underneath the Christmas tree; there are times however, when a gift is so beautiful that covering it with wrapping is just redundant (and sometimes just not worth it.)

Ribbons or wrapping paper?

Handwritten notes are everything.


I left a hand-written message in this notebook/journal for a good friend of mine.  I’m a helpless romantic who can’t get enough of handwritten anythings!

Tips for Wrapping Gifts

  • Use one theme

Like Kraft paper, with colored twine.  Or all plaids.  Maybe black wrapping paper with chalk-pen art work?  Just like you wouldn’t wear leopard print pants with a zebra print cardigan and top it off with green sequins (you wouldn’t, would you?!) your Christmas decorations don’t want that look either.  If you choose to do a “beautiful mess” with variations (think Anthropologie) then pay close attention to color schemes, shades and textures – some underlying detail should bring them all together.

  • Try to stick to two colors

This can be tough (I love colors!) but sticking to two basic colors will help you avoid the kaleidoscopic I’m-not-sure-where-to-look-but-I’m-suddenly-feeling-overwhelmed (think Forever 21 stores.)  You can add a third color, as long as it is an “accessory” and not competing with the main color(s).  Green, gold and red are classic combinations, but usually the gold or the red is less noticeable; in a plaid pattern, the red or gold may be the thinnest of lines.

  • Put a bow on it

If you like it, put a bow on it.  But seriously, bows and ribbons are everything.


  • Think outside the box

Use materials like old newspapers, old book pages, sweaters, pieces of fabric,  leftover tissue or anything else you need to recycle.  I’m a big fan of recycling (and being thrifty) and the plus of using newspapers is that you can burn them up in the fireplace as they are being unwrapped on Christmas morning.  That was the tradition in my home growing up.  We have a great big stone fireplace (the firebox sits level with the floor, and it warms up the tile floor nicely) that my Father always started first thing and he’d toss in the torn wrapping paper as we unwrapped.  


  • Skip the wrapping

If the gift is gilded and sparkling (and doesn’t come in a nice, four-cornered box), skip the wrapping and put a bow on it!

Put a bow on it.

And sometimes when I go gift-shopping, I like to buy myself a little suh-mmm, suh-mmm.  One gift for you, one gift for me? 

Chunky knit infinity scarves are the bomb-dot-com (can I say that?)

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