Tip No. 27: Confidence is key

Confidence can make all the difference in the world.  I once walked past someone who exclaimed, “oh that look is so perfect, but only someone like you can pull that off!”  Wrong.  Anyone who has the confidence to do something can pull it off.

I get my confidence from (my sometimes meager) attempts to stay fit.  My favorites are cycle and pilates; you can find me smiling like an idiot after a session of either one.  It’s always a brutal struggle to get up and make it to the gym when my to-do list grows longer and longer day-by-day! 

Don’t get me wrong, I’m as lazy as they come.  I fully count dancing around the kitchen as aerobic exercise. And dancing in my underwear as I get ready (now that I’m all alone in the mornings, YES!) counts too.  I tend to count the days I put on a pair of tennis shoes and run shopping errands like a professional marathoner.  Thank goodness for compression knits (like these lucy activewear pieces) that manage to hold all my jiggle in (well, most of it) as I make a beeline for the luggage department, looking like I’m an Olympic gold-medal winner in speed walking; when I make a dash from the car to the store-front in the soaking rain.

When it rains, it pours ~ wellies

The versatility of a jacket that functions as a warm rain-resistant vest all conveniently sewn into one zip-front piece that delicately screams style instead of marshmallow puff-coat (haha!)

When it rains, it pours ~ wellies

When my legs are shaking like a 6.8 on the Richter Scale too (haha) :

Sometimes my legs shake so bad, it's like the fat on my thighs is trying to twerk. lol

Sometimes my legs shake so bad, it's like the fat on my thighs is trying to twerk. lol

And for the times I just need to get. stuff. done.  Like reading a good book <wink>


Athletic wear is never my number one choice, but there are days that I spend the majority of the day. 

“I just have to run these few errands right after pilates, and the next thing I know I’m making dinner and still wearing this morning’s athletic gear.”

If it’s going to happen, I try to make sure they fit right and have a little bit of style (aka personality.)  I want something that is unique yet functional – like everything else!

How does staying active help keep you on track?

And ladies, never forget:

 Flesh Leggings got me again!If you must wear yoga pants, don’t wear that free t-shirt (or The Mr’s) you got for running a marathon/donating money/simply standing in the wrong place at the wrong time. 

You can wear activewear and still be stylish.  It might cost you a little bit more than that free t-shirt, but it will be well worth it for your confidence!  Speaking of confidence, lucy’s is hosting their This is For You* contest

*What woman can’t use a little help?  Each week you can win your choice of a year of housecleaning, babysitting or meal delivery. One grand prize winner will receive all three. More “you time” to do the things you really love (like getting in your favorite workout). This is for you. The ones who have it all…on their to-do list! Let lucy take away the small stuff that stands between you and a good sweat.  Enter for a chance to win some more “You Time”.  Giveaway ends December 16th.

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This post was sponsored by lucy through their partnership with POPSUGAR Select. While I was compensated to write a post about lucy, all opinions are my own.




  1. Love your workout clothes!

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