Bohemian Maxi

It’s finally warm outside, and all I want to do is wear airy, white summer dresses.  I’ve seen the white bohemian maxi look on Pinterest, in magazines and in retail stores, in lace, gauzy cottons and detailed embroideries; I can’t get enough of them!  The cost of real lace (hand-made, intricate works of art) is high enough to keep many of them just a whisper of a dream.  Never one to miss out on trends, Old Navy has whipped up a knock-off version of an Anthropologie-ish white bohemian maxi dress (still pricey, for them) that’s do-able.  

Summer Boho Chic ideas for white bohemian maxi dress perfection on

Summer Boho Chic ideas for white bohemian maxi dress perfection on

Summer Boho Chic ideas for white bohemian maxi dress perfection on

Summer Boho Chic ideas for white bohemian maxi dress perfection on


Pretty-Polished-Perfect_Bohemian_lace_white_summer_dress_old-navy (2 of 6)


Don’t look, I have the world’s ugliest feet.  Okay, maybe not the ugliest, but let’s just be honest here: I could never be a foot model. lol

Also, ignore my ratty flip-flops.  Or don’t.  What can I say?  It’s nearing the end of summer and I’m wearing maxi dresses that are basically crotchless yoga pants (yay!) and traipsing around parks and playing in water.


 White Bohemian Maxi Dress (sold out online, ugh, but still in stores!) similar style here
Lauren Conrad flip-flops (super comfortable, and the best nude-color I’ve found to date.)
(old) Banana Republic Factory bangles
Laura Geller lipstick in Wild Orchid (one of my favorite accessories for summer!)

Pretty-Polished-Perfect_Bohemian_lace_white_summer_dress_old-navy (5 of 6)

 I once read a style book published by another style blogger.  She had the usual things to say that one might find in a book about style, but something I completely disagreed with was her advice that a girl should use jewelry to add dimension and personal style to her wardrobe  in the hot summer months.  That sounds like a great piece of advice and is – if your hot summers consist of 75 degrees, breezy winds blowing in from the North, occasional clouds and absolutely zero percent humidity.  What I’ve found is that when it’s hot, or miserably humid, I want as little touching my skin as possible.  Breathable fabrics are a must (I’m not a nudist after all) but metals that won’t breathe and are actually conductors of heat?!  No thanks 🙂 I recommend using lipstick  in fun bright colors to add personality to your hot summer outfits!

What’s your favorite staple?


  1. Sandy says:

    that dress is GORG on you!!!!!

    Sandy a la Mode

  2. Erin says:

    I love your idea to use pops of color (for example, with makeup) to add style to a summer wardrobe. Definitely better than layering on more to make you hot.

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