White Denim Jacket: Timeless or Trend

A friend recently asked my opinion on a white/ecru jacket.  My advice was tough, at best.  I bought this white denim jacket last spring, and held on to it for this spring – not entirely sure if I would ever wear it again.  White denim jackets (or white jackets in any textile for that matter) are a tough one – white jackets tend to be stark, and stand out.  I don’t wear it nearly as often as my faded, blue-denim jacket, but when I do wear it – I love it enough to remind myself to never let it go.  

Accordian_Pleat_dress_atjollys_white_denim_jacket_prettypolishedperfect dot com-1


Accordian_Pleat_dress_atjollys_white_denim_jacket_prettypolishedperfect dot com-10


Accordian_Pleat_dress_atjollys_white_denim_jacket_prettypolishedperfect dot com-16

If you do buy yourself a white or ecru jacket (or an ivory tuxedo jacket,) it might not get the most WPD (wear-per-dollar) but it can survive the thinning of the herd closet that hits every spring (i.e., spring cleaning!)

@jollys Black Accordian Pleat Maxi Dress
Old Navy White Denim Jacket
Banana Republic Factory White & Black Spotted Faux Fur Clutch (I love this one!)


  1. I have a white demin jacket that I bought last year, Thanks for reminding me! I have a outfit post coming ups where it will be pefect!

  2. Seng says:

    I love this outfit. Love the shoes that you have on with the dress. I don’t think I could ever pull off the white denim, but you look great! Are regular denim jackets in style now? 🙂 I have plenty of those.

    Stay fabulous,
    Seng | http://www.sengerson.com

  3. Great advice {as always}! I’ve been pleading mine with linen tees for a casual on-the-go look.

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