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Before we left for Salt Lake City, we (Julie Blanner and I) spent several hours planning out what we would wear for Alt Summit, the parties and what to wear to Sundance (it never hurts to be too prepared!)  We had decided to stay an extra day and attend the legendary Sundance Film Festival – a mere thirty-five minutes from our hotel.  We rented a car for the day and took a short road trip into the mountains in hopes of spotting celebrities, getting in to see a Sundance movie, and generally enjoying our child-less day.  We kept our expectations low, and had so much fun (I may have been jumping up and down out of excitement by the end of the night.)

what to wear to sundance madewell transport tote

What to Wear to Sundance:

I decided to wear my comfy J. Crew Pixie Pants (I GET IT NOW, that constant urge to wear leggings all day, every day) paired with a comfy Woodstock t-shirt* (seriously, it’s SOLD with that lived-in, well-loved t-shirt softness), and a cardigan paired with these Steve Madden Trickie low calf-height boots.  What else would I wear to Sundance beside a parka type coat while carrying around the perfect Madewell Transport Tote?

what to wear to sundance madewell transport tote

what to wear to sundance madewell transport tote

what to wear to sundance madewell transport tote

what to wear to sundance

We wandered the street (really, there was just the one) of Park City, people watching, ice cream eating, and enjoying the spectacular views (I could definitely live there.)  We did some window shopping (see the fur-covered undies?  Those were listed with an estimated value of “priceless” lol!) some olive oil tasting, and ended up dining at a less than spectacular restaurant (sad but true.)  We finally made it into see the film “Whitey”, which happened to be an incredibly eye-opening film about Boston gangster/mobster James “Whitey” Bulger.  It was a crazy affair – we used the newly released app “eWaitlist” and although we managed to get in, Julie and I were at opposite ends of the waiting line.  I got into the theater first, and claimed two spots in the back next to a fashionable and “mature” couple.  Never one to pass up an opportunity to talk meet people, I said hello to my fellow seat-takers and started a conversation.  This cute couple has been coming up from California for the past thirteen years.  I asked them about the films they had seen (they bought the package deal) and she pulled out her ticket stubs and went through each film, one by one.  It was fun to hear her take on the stories, and her guesses as to which would end up making it the big screens.  After she had shuffled through 12 or 13 tickets, she came across two unused tickets, glanced at them for a moment before turning to me and saying, “We never use these, and I have two.  Would you like them?”  Um, yes.  I tried to purvay just the right amount of enthusiasm (my inner party-goer was screaming at the good luck!) and graciously accepted two tickets to the closing Awards Night Party, being held that night, right after our film ended.  We hopped on a bus and headed to the party, where we joined the masses in dancing, a game of Limbo and photo-boothing.  Cue grabbing Julie’s arms while jumping up and down, “We did IT!  We did IT!”  Referring to, of course, the fact that we saw a film, we hit a party, and had an amazing day!  I know, you think I am probably either crazy or bragging, but seriously, my life usually consists of pitfalls, bad luck and lots of crying and or/tantrums (from my sons, not me.)  So yeah, this was an incredible day I won’t soon forget.

So, what to wear at Sundance?  Anything you want, as long as you are happy and warm I say!

what_to_wear_to_sundance_coat_boots_madewell_transport_tote -1

 *A word of caution on this fab Woodstock t-shirt: the color bleeds like crazy, so don’t wear your favorite white bra (or white anything for that matter) with it and be sure to hand wash it separately!

Special thanks to my photographer, Julie of!

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