Tip No. 24 THERE IS AN EXCEPTION TO EVERY RULE (wear that cardigan)

I just finished reading a babble article about the do’s and dont’s of wearing cardigans.  First, I wish I lived in California.  Second, this article is the perfect example of why personal stylists exist: basic principles are just that – they don’t take into account each individuals differences, or the colors, the textiles, the lengths, all the attributes of a garment.  

Tip No. 24½ RULES WERE MADE TO BE BROKEN (wear that cardigan)

Anyone who has known me for years (and I mean, YEARS) knows that I have this natural reaction to authority that turns me into this autobot rebel.  Seriously.  Tell me I shouldn’t or can’t do something and it becomes my life’s work to do it.  Merrick (a highly respected and loved blogger) points out some great do’s and don’ts, but when she points out that you shouldn’t wear baggy pants with a drape-y sweater, I present: 

How to wear a cardigan, exhibit A:

How to break ALL the fashion rules.  Defining your waist is the only rule I live by ~ Erin B.

How to break ALL the fashion rules.  Defining your waist is the only rule I live by ~ Erin B.

Why does this work?  The solid, form-fitting tee underneath.  As long as you have something to create some sort of definition (this should almost always be the waist – because it’s primarily the smallest part of you) just like she used the belt in the dress/waist-length cardigan do

I grew up in a fashion world filled with rules.  There were no tents at Bryant Park (which honestly, is like a glorified marketplace for mass-produced ready-to-wear.)  No one wore white after Labor Day.  No one wore black and navy (still a tough one to pull off though.)  Redheads weren’t supposed to wear red (or a number of colors actually.)  And I’m here to tell you that you can do whatever you want!  Everyone is unique and individual.  What you really need to learn is how to dress for your body-type, then how to take your style (what makes you you) and then you will finally love your closet, and love the outfit you worked so hard to pick out.  You will probably also like shopping.

Don’t ever think that someone else’s rules are finite.  They aren’t.  The options are endless, you just have to keep in mind a few key things:

  1. Always define the smallest part of your body (and your bra size doesn’t count here, lol!)  This will always be your waist, even if – technically – you’re waist isn’t actually tinier than your shoulders or hips.
  2. How do you feel in it?
  3. Play around, snap a pic and decide for yourself whether it’s a do or do not
  4. Be confident. You are best you.
  5. Ask me!  Seriously.  I have a contact form (right up there!) and you can ask me anything.  I want you to look and feel your best!

and darnit, this photo would’ve been perfect if it had been in focus (but you get the idea right?)

How to break ALL the fashion rules.  Defining your waist is the only rule I live by ~ Erin B.


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