Vintage Trucks, Flamingos + Herringbone

Our neighbors parked their vintage truck on the street (the same weekend they got “flocked”) and so I took the opportunity to use it as a backdrop. 
Jacket: Forever21
Shirt: Old Navy
Belt: Target
Bracelet: Target
Jeans: JCrew
Shoes: Forever21
Truck + Pink Flamingos: c/o The Neighbors
Anybody else think this is the truck they should have casted for the Twilight movie?  Haha.  I read the books, but I can’t really say I’m a fan (though I will admit, I was there for that midnight showing of the last movie – the atmosphere was fun and there was quite a bit of laughing; fun experience, okay movie.)
On another note, I love this jacket.  It’s the perfect mix of trendy 80s, geek chic, old school professor, with a tiny hint of Ralph Lauren’s equestrian aesthetic.  LOVE!


  1. Ivy says:

    I love this — especially how your shoes manage to flow into a pretty vintage arrangement.

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