Style Your Home

Remember the DIY gold sequin hanger from earlier this week? I found the perfect spot for it:

Too subtle for Santa?

I was in the middle of a wrestling match in the living room (I was the ref) with my three sons and for one brief moment, time ceased and I thought to myself, “Holy Crap, I have three boys,” and I felt my sense of girliness drowning beneath sporting equipment and events, and other manly raucous……..stuff.  (In other news, I should win an award for the best run-on sentence, ever.)
I have since learned to relish what little feminine powers I have left, including adding a touch of my feminine side to the Holiday decorations around my home.  Being the only female, I’ve kindly tried to decorate our home in gender-neutral ways (you won’t find any pink or gold polka dots in this home.)  Even the bedroom, bathroom, and closet I share with The Mr are carefully curated into a subtle combination of man and wife.  To make sure I don’t absorb too much of the testosterone floating in the air, I hit up my bedroom with this:


and my bathroom with this:

Bam!  Take that testosterone!

I love, love, love these glittery shoe and handbag ornaments from Nordstrom (and they should be going on sale right about now!) and I never miss an opportunity to score a free deluxe perfume sample from Sephora.

How do you add a touch of your own personal style to your decorating?

Leave your two cents here (three cents is always better!)

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