TripleP Guide to Surviving Cyber Monday

*This Guide to Surviving Cyber Monday post is a Fashionista Event.  I was provided a promotional item by to inform you of their Cyber Monday Sales, Cyber Monday giveaway and our Cyber Monday $500 giveaway.  But never fear, all opinions are always my own.*

Monday.  December 2nd.  2013.  Just one short week away.

There’s been a lot of debate about this year’s Holiday Shopping Season.  I will be perfectly frank with you here, I both love and loathe shopping this time of year.  If you’ve been following along (thank you for your support, I truly appreciate you!) on the blog, you might have figured out how much I love a good deal.  This makes Black Friday and Cyber Monday very enticing for me.  Of course, retailers seem to start their Black Fridays earlier and earlier, and this year friends and families across America are putting up a stink about it.  I’ve seen numerous pledges on Facebook, urging us to stand against retailers because their employees deserve to be at home with their families.  Perfect frankness here: I’m irritated by this change because I want to be at home with my family eating pie, darnit!  In my defense, when I was in high school and working retail, working holidays was a pretty sweet package; I had completely different priorities then and didn’t mind working on a holiday.  Employers can’t force you to work a holiday, yet I don’t envy them their jobs this time of year.  All this drama (combined with the crazy hoards of shoppers and general elbows-throwing atmosphere) makes Cyber Monday my best friend.  From the comfort of my own home, my own cozy, comfortable and super-warm bed in fact, I can shop some pretty sweet deals with a few clicks of a button swipes of a finger (how apropos to use my convenient little device (a birthday gift from The Mr and my sons) to shop electronics deals.)

Yum, hot chocolate.  

In other news, can I use a parenthesis inside a parenthesis?  Haha.

Who’s ready for a giveaway to make Cyber Monday even sweeter?  Not only can you find hundreds of Cyber Monday sales on, but they are also offering 2 (two!!) opportunities to win amazing gift cards.  The first giveaway is here, with 2 winners receiving a $250 Amazon gift cards, and the second is the Cyber Monday Sweepstakes they are hosting on their site; both giveaways run now through December 2.

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  1. Tracy says:

    I'd do the Bath and Body Works
    Save Up to 50% Off Plus an Extra 20% Off Sale Items for Christmas shopping for my sis in law!! She LOVES that place 🙂

  2. carla says:

    I love black friday… best holiday of the year! 😉

  3. Lainie says:

    amen sister! stay home, use scoutfit, get all the deals AND time well spent with family/food 🙂

  4. What an amazing opportunity! I could go nuts with $250 at

  5. Kelly Rivard says:

    I've never done Cyber Monday before, and unfortunately it falls right between pay checks for me this month. But, this is useful info — even for other online shopping sprees! (Or, it's useful info for if I win an Amazon gift card!)

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