Triple P Giveaway + What To Expect When You’re Expecting

What to expect when you’re expecting a busy month:

I love fall, but October is a bittersweet month.  First, stop whatever you are doing (but finish reading this paragraph of course) and call your doctor.  It’s Breast Cancer Awareness month, and even though it’s unpleasant – go get your annual mammogram.  It doesn’t matter what your age, ethnicity or medical history is, DO IT.  Did you know that there is a 93% rate of survival for those who find it early?*  93% people!  My mother was born in October, and she died in October – of breast cancer.  As horrifying as it was for her to go through what she did, it was also horrifying for her loved ones to watch her die.  So go get your mammogram, do it for yourself, and do it for the people who care about you.  Don’t have girl hormones?  Go call your girl-hormone-loved-ones and remind them to get their mammograms!

So, now that you’ve set the appointment, let’s get onto some fun stuff.  Yesterday I posted about the 31 Days of Pro-Styling Tips, which I’m super excited to be doing.  Don’t forget that I need your feedback, as this is also my test-run for an upcoming speaking gig!

I can’t bring up October without also reminding you about the Fall Fashionista Giveaway, a giveaway event that includes over 100 bloggers linking up for over $20,000 dollars in fashionable prizes.  Come back here October 11-17 to win gift cards from eShakti and JUNIEblake, and a fabulous customizable clutch from Maddy Nash!

Lastly, I’ve gained ten pounds over the past few months (no, I’m not pregnant.)  Maybe it’s stress, maybe it’s the lack of regular exercise…..or maybe it’s the fact that I love gorging on food!  Whoever said the first bite is always the best was WRONG!  I can assure you that every single bite of that Dulce de Leche cheesecake was just as good as the last.  So what do the first of the month, Breast Cancer Awareness, 31 Days, giveaways and the ten pounds all have in common?  The perfect excuse for a random giveaway.

The good folks at Bare Fruit sent me a sample; I lost all self control and ate at least three servings in about ten minutes.  Every chip was crisp (which is numero uno when it comes to dried fruit – these are bake-dried, btw,) and the cinnamon adds the perfect touch of fall flavor.  These would go perfectly with some spiced apple cider.  Now enter the giveaway, you know you want some!
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