Trend: Fringe

A few months ago, a friend sent a text admitting to being tempted by a fringe covered handbag. <gasp> 

Just kidding!  With the rise of trendy music festival Coachella, the tail-end of the popular Roaring Twenties a la The Great Gatsby and Sean Kelly’s stunning fringe masterpieces on Project Runway, fringe is in!  Don’t worry about it being a trend; you can wear it no matter your demographic (is that politically correct or what? <eyeroll?>  It’s one of the more common questions I hear when I’m out shopping, “Am I too old for this?”  No.  Your age doesn’t matter.  If you feel comfortable in it, wear it.  

Tips for easy ways to wear trends!

Madewell Legging Jeans // Vince Leather Jacket // Denim & Supply Darcie Fringe Boots // H&M Scarf // Earrings // Target Mossimo Ruthie Fringe Bootie // Fringe Handbag // clutch c/o

The trick to wearing any trend is: accessories!  Below are five simple ways to incorporate any trend into your wardrobe.  What trend are you loving right now?

5 Tips for Wearing Trends

  • Shoes

Shoes are a simple way to add a little bit of any trend; leopard heels, sequin heels, fringe-heeled booties – each has just the right amount of trend to make a statement, without any of that screaming. lol  

  • 5 Tips to help you incorporate any trend into your wardrobe!Scarves

Sometimes we forget that a trend doesn’t mean we can’t get creative.  Get creative!  It might be called fringe, but that doesn’t mean it has to be in the form of a suede jacket with fringe from one wrist to the other at a rodeo.  That little detail at the bottom of your scarf?  It’s just another form of fringe.  

  • 5 Tips to help you incorporate any trend into your wardrobe!Handbags

Invest in a quality leather one, and chances are you can get a decent return on investment (for used clothing) when you go to re-sale it next season.  Go the more inexpensive route and don’t feel guilty about donating it next year.  Just be sure the bag is proportionate to your body type!

5 Tips to help you incorporate any trend into your wardrobe!

  • Vests

Just a tiny hint of a trend in a neutral color is all you need.  A simple lightweight fringe vest is perfect for layering and adding depth to an outfit.

  • 5 Tips to help you incorporate any trend into your wardrobe!Jewelry

The other I-love-dressing-up accessory.  I can’t get enough of jewelry!  A pair of statement earrings, perfectly-formed pearl studs, or chunky bracelets, jewelry is a super-simple way to incorporate any trend while still being age-appropriate

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5 Tips to help you incorporate any trend into your wardrobe!


  1. Love the fringe earrings & that pretty blush clutch!

  2. Hannah Avery says:

    I love the pretty fringe pink purse!

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