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Today I want to talk toys and gifts.  Not adult toys (sorry!) but children’s toys.  I’ve mentioned my love for giving gifts, but when Christmas comes around and my sons start writing out their extensive lists of toys, video games and more……I want to pull my hair out; I would love nothing more than to get them every single thing their little heart desires – what mother doesn’t?  What kind of mother would I be if I didn’t also acknowledge everything wrong with spoiling my children by handing them everything on a silver platter?!  I have a new motto (which my children moaned and groaned about.)

Simple Rule for Toy Gifts:

Keeping gift giving simple!

That being said, my kids hardly need anything – we already give them everything they need on a regular basis.  Of course they want everything.  Books – well, I’ve spoiled my kids with books (how can I refuse my kids all the books in the world?!)  I grew up reading; my mother used to get so frustrated with me because when she called lights out each night, I would just hit up the bathroom for light to keep reading whatever book held my attention at the time. I’m a huge advocate for reading and books in general, so if my sons asked for two hundred things to read – done!  Christmas is the one time of year I cave and break my no-licensed-character rule, and finally accept the fact that my oldest son is a traitor of all sorts – whether it’s his MU sweatshirt or his K-State backpack, why for the love of all that is holy can’t he be a Rock-Chalk-Jayhawk?!  Christmas is also the perfect time for new pjs (this year I’m considering footed onesies, I mean come on – they are so stinking adorable and hilarious!) and slippers.

Gift Ideas on

But this year I am treating myself – to toys even I can enjoy.  I will admit I’m a bit of a Nazi when it comes to arts & crafts for kids.  Soft, squishy, brightly colored dough stays in the kitchen under my supervision (sometimes for up to two hours!) and when playtime is over, everyone is dismissed and clean up every last speck of those potentially carpet-ruining tubs of endless fun.

Gift Ideas on

Gift Ideas on

I scored this caddy on sale a few years ago, and it’s been the most loved, highly appreciated toy in my home (it’s the biggest hit with girls, who can play with that dough for hours!)  I knew I had to add these fun tools I found at Ross Dress for Less, and let’s face it – I need to re-stock on those tubs of dough due to drying out, color mixing and general mayhem.  

Gift Ideas on


Gift Ideas on

Gift Ideas on

A special thanks to Ross Dress for Less for sponsoring my playdate with toys – don’t forget to enter the giveaway happening on their facebook page this week (you could win a $200 gift card!)  


  1. Cindy says:

    Ross is just a wonderful store. I have found wonderful gifts there, art for my home, clothes, shoes, bedding. Great store!

  2. Connie McGinty says:

    I saw a contest and just had to post lol…I presently have 18 grandchildren plus one great grandson.. so I have tons of experiences lol..I love to get list from the kids to see what they really would like to get… and then I search and search til I Have MRS CLAUS’s sack is full.. almost need to get a workshop to store all these presents but what I been doing the last few years is for the girls I go to Kay’s major sale weekend and get them a bonus buy of good jewelry that they will have for many years and most of the time there is always a story to go with it.. I try also to create something like the last few years I been making scarves and this year finally learned to crochet infinity scarves which are popular in Europe for guys we are behind the time here but o well,,, I like it when the boys get updated before fads come around our area….I love to go to ROSS’s and get cologne gift boxes for the ones I wonder about what they want w/o any list plus gloves and hats and omgoosh I just love the various and unusual items I find in the store ifs always amazes me.. its like always hitting the major gold mine there…also I love to give the grandkids things which they can get creative and enjoy making something very different…I love when I see what they created and love watching them tell how and what they did its totally priceless and by the way since YOU are a rep of ROSS’s Department store I am so thrilled one finally has been built in Hanover PA which makes it so close and thanks for having a contest I just love it because if there is a special easy way to win and help to give to my family and then to another family that is what the season is all about … I am a giver & all my life I always thought I was MRS CLAUS 🙂

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