Busy Days

The holiday season has officially begun and I suddenly find myself busy with life; volunteering, lunchtime, parties, decorating, crafts, angry mom emails – you know, the usual.  And my house is a mess.

Stylish tennis shoe tips  #Adidas

So forgive me for wearing leggings 6 out of 7 days.  At  least the shoes are comfy, right? (p.s. I’m wearing these adidas NEO Classics in mens size 8.5.)  Did you know the standard conversion from men’s shoe sizes to women’s shoes sizes is to go down 3 half-sizes. <example: A women’s size 9 should be equal to a man’s size 7.5>  I suppose this pair is just another example of how rules were meant to be <wink>broken! 

Stylish tennis shoe tips  #Adidas

Tips for Wearing Tennis Shoes

(do you have any idea  how absurd I feel even thinking that title out loud?!)

  • Neutral and muted colors are best.
  • Good proportion for your body.
  • Keep them clean.
  • Show some ankle, just a bit.
  • Shop around for good prices.

I love black and white tennis shoes and they can be much more edgy (and comfortable) than a pair of flats.  White and light colors might give a great pop of brightness, but they are definitely high maintenance.  I am careful to clean them off as soon as I get home if I notice dirt; but I’m not about to let that keep me from a clean pair of tennis shoes (think old school here.)  Make sure the sole isn’t more broad than the uppers – this can make your feet look big and make sure the top and tongue of the shoe aren’t cutting you off anywhere other than just below the bottom of the ankle and just above the top of the ankle bone (or more!) Don’t wear jeans longer than the shoes unless you are wearing trouser-leg pants or wider (and that’s a whole new ball game.) With the exceptions of high-top sneakers (ala the original Chuck Taylor ) your pants shouldn’t be bunched up against the top of the tennis shoe.  Hip retailers like J.Crew and Madewell will carry great options, but you can almost always find them on sale at local chain stores and online (unless they are on sale at j.Crew and they have one of their fab extra 40-50% off sale – those are steals!)  Now go wear comfortable, one-step-removed-from-orthotics- tennis shoes.  Your feet will thank you.  And you might just get a few compliments to brighten your day too!

Stylish tennis shoe tips  #Nike

Catch ya later <wink> in my Nike Geniccos.

J.Crew Pixie Pant // American Eagle Jegging T-shirt // H&M Lined Parka



  1. Julie says:

    I love those Nikes!

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