How to Style a Knit Dress

I was recently sent this knit dress from Monroe and Main, aptly named “Knot Your Mother’s Dress”, to review.  Mostly, I’m just excited for spring to hit.  I’m tired of the Polar Vortex (seriously, we named it.)  I love a good knit dress, but I’m not one to let them stand on their own.   Yes, they are comfortable and hold their color well; they just always need more, and that makes them perfect for layering.

monroe and main dress

The beauty of a knit dress is the options; pair these with sandals, heels or even tennis shoes and you are a walking tulip burst of color.  I, ah, recommend keeping your tennis shoes clean (yes, mine are abused.)  If I had just taken a few seconds to wipe them down after wearing them, they’d look……..not so tired. haha)

stripe jacket converse tennis shoes

You can never go wrong with pearls, dressed up or down.

pearls and knits

Monroe and Main would like to offer you the chance to win your own “Knot Your Mother’s” Dress, in any color (and size of course!) You can use the Rafflecopter below to enter (click the link if the form isn’t showing up!)

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