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Last winter I was invited to join a group of women who met each Monday evening, after their kids had all been put to bed, to watch The Bachelor. I’m pretty easy and basically desperate so of course I would say yes to any opportunity to take a break from all of my day jobs. While we usually met at one particular home, there was a week when the night out was going to be hosted at another newcomer-to-the-group’s brand spankin’ new home and as luck would have it – technology got the best of us and we weren’t able to watch the episode. Some of the women made thinly veiled attempts to hide their irritability over missing out on their Monday night love affair. I knew she felt bad and honestly, I’m a fast-forward-to-the-very-end-to-see-who-goes-home-anyway kinda gal. I’m also not really interested in this fake-reality-tv-crap, where desperate (or crazy?) woman declare their love for a guy who doesn’t have a job, all while vying for his affections alongside like, 200 other girls. I felt bad that girls-night-in had turned so ugly, so we had our friend take us on a tour of her new home. It’s a beautiful home, and just having been built, was in pristine condition. She took us out to the garage (not my favorite place) and we oohed and ahhed over the storage shelves built into the cielings, but mostly we drooled over her awesome husband who built the most amazing storage unit with bench seating and drawers and hooks and you name it, it had it. She even said she rents a storage container (from somewhere like, I had no idea where she gets the time organized it all! Did I mention she has a few kids? Like 5? This magnanimous man built her a spacious, manageable, fully-functioning death star storage unit for 5 kids! I mean, I’m still trying to get my husband to get the hose in the hose dispenser box thingy. lol. In all seriousness though, I have thought about renting storage space to make more room in our house, I think it would make tidying a lot easier too!

I left that night feeling compassion for a new friend, envy for a Fix-it Felix type husband, and inspired for the garage of my new-to-me home. I’ve been sending my children off to school for what seems like an eternity now, and I’ve learned a few things along the way. If there is a hook to hang a backpack on – my kids won’t use it. If there is a drawer to put your shoes in – my kids won’t put their shoes in it. If my children lose something because they didn’t put it away in it’s rightful spot – my kids will blame me for it. lol

All that aside, I have found that fabric baskets (not wicker, gosh, those things crumble to bits if you even so much as look at them!), collapsable, and with handles, are priceless. They can be carried to and fro, they hold up quite well, are usually easy to wipe clean and inexpensive enough that if they collapse in the wrong kind of way, you won’t end up feeling too bad about throwing them away. If you’ve read the book If You Give A Moose A Muffin, then you’ll know that if you decide to use these baskets, you’ll probably want to buy a budget storage unit to store them in. And if you decide to buy a storage unit, then you’ll probably want to buy some hooks to hang their coats and backpacks on. And if you decide to buy some hooks, you’ll probably also want to buy an umbrella stand. And if you decide to buy an umbrella stand, you will probably want to paint the walls, and decorate and make everything all matchy-matchy and pinterest-worthy so that at the end of each day, when you pick up all the coats and backpacks and shoes off the floor, you will sigh and think, “At least my intentions were good.”

Great Storage and Organization ideas for the garage!I love the simplicity of this setup on D.D.D!

5 Tips for Making Mornings Manageable:

  • Keep morning items grouped together. I’ve seen tons of ideas on pinterest of plastic bins inside refrigerators that keep all of the lunch-ables in one spot for easy in and outs.
  • Routine. I despise routines, but realize their immense value so I force myself to stick to them anyway.
  • There’s a place for everything and everything has a place. If there isn’t, if they don’t, then things will get lost (like your hair when you pull it out.)
  • Prepare as much the night before as possible. It has been scientifically proven (not really) that you will actually be able to find that lost shoe at night, but by morning it will be long gone (along with your sanity.)
  • Don’t cry over spilt milk. Or forgetting to sign something. Or to sign up for something. Or if your kid wears yesterday’s clothes. Tomorrow’s a new day and we all make mistakes. We also all look ugly when we cry, so just don’t do that.

Want to know which pinterest-worthy, fully functional yet aesthetically pleasing storage and organization ideas I’ve been eyeing? You can also see some of my Pinspiration on my Storage & Organization Board.

Erin B.

Make Mornings Manageable
Erin B.

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