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Every spring brings a few bright, sunny days that cause me delusions of grandeur – like the long list of spring cleaning that includes every square inch of my home.  I usually get as far as vacuuming out my kitchen cupboards before I re-file that irritatingly detailed list into a stack of papers that will most likely get thrown away, hallelujah. 

How to Wear Cardigans in Spring

Versatile spring sweaters from PrettyPolishedPerfect.com

I think it’s that teasing weather that really gets my hopes up and I’m suddenly excited about stupid things like hiding my sweaters away for the winter, or sandals!  I always have to exert extreme patience because I know that there will be, if nothing else, at least one crazy miserable cold day (usually accompanied by cold rain.)  For no more than six weeks, my sons’ closets are packed full of an entire year’s worth of seasons; extra hangers are nowhere to be found.  When I think that I just can’t take it anymore, I put away all the winter coats (I despise how big and bulky they are!), all but one or two pairs of pants, and one long-sleeved shirt.  I’m a hand-me-down kind of mom, and so each season’s worth of clothing is stored tidily in plastic bins in the basement; my 6 yr old’s clothing gets flung, gleefully, into a pile to ship off to my nephew so he can eek out whatever wear is left in them. 

I myself am not a fan of seasonal wardrobes.  I am all too familiar with the extreme changes in temperature during the spring and fall.  You can wake up with temperatures barely above freezing, tempted to pull out your winter coat; by late afternoon I’m enjoying a frosty lemonade on the back porch, sleeves rolled up while working on my farmers’ tan.  With layering and seasonal changes, I like to have all my options right where I can see them.  I always keep my cashmere stored in archival boxes, clearly labeled with brand, color, and style on the side of the box.  In my excitement to be rid of winter and it’s lack of warmth and color, I always have to remind myself to leave out the pieces I can wear year-round.  While I appreciate a solid wool that will keep me cool in even the coldest temps, I have a love for cotton sweaters, and lightweight summer cashmeres – light enough for cooler summer evenings, but still heat-packing for the winter months.  Also, no itching (because comfort is a big deal right?!) 

Versatile spring sweaters from PrettyPolishedPerfect.com

Cardigan // Madewell Gray Jeans // Sperry Topsiders in Gold // Madewell Belt // Madewell T-Shirt // Madewell Dawngold Cuff 

I love Nordstrom Rack for their cardigan selection, the sale cashmere and the varying price points; cardigans get a good beating from being such a versatile piece and I try to find an updated version of whichever cardigan style is in season at a reasonable price each year.  I snagged this cozy cotton cardigan at Nordstrom Rack this past winter for under $40!  I also grabbed these polka-dot gold Sperry Topsiders during their clear the racks sale (almost every month, but the past year has seen them July 3-6, August 29 – September 5, November 7-11, December 26 – January 2, February 13-16 and this last one was May 22-26.)  Madewell is still making my all-around favorite casual t-shirt, and with all the neutrals I added a cognac-colored leather belt for that pop of “color.”  This Madewell cuff is still my most-worn accessory of 2015 (and I hope you were able to snag it for $19.99 this spring – be sure to follow me on Instagram – @_TripleP, where I share all of my great sale finds while they are still available.)

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