Somewhere, Over the Rainbow

I wouldn’t normally blog about the weather, but honestly?  It’s a huge factor in life!  First, my hair has reached volumes not seen since before styling products.  Second, the rain would ruin ninety-eight percent of my wardrobe (including shoes.)  Third, I really, really, really, really hate waking my children up in the middle of the night to chill in the basement (tornado sirens.)  We’ve spent quite a bit of quality time in our basement these past few days.  I’ve used the time daydreaming about how I’m going to fix it up, make it better……..

{skirt, belt H&M shirt Kohls necklace thrifted boots Old Navy umbrella Totes}

My son really wanted to be in the picture.
 I promised myself when I started this, that for the safety of my family,
 they would not be featured here.  I plan to stick to that promise.

On a much lighter and totally insignificant note, did you know that there isn’t enough room in my Master Bedroom closet to house my shoes?  Guess where my shoes are stored, in the most precise organizational method (not joking, in boxes with a picture of the shoe, all organized by color.  Really.  I’ll post a pic sometime.)?  In the basement. 

 In case of catastrophe, all shoeless victims should stop by my basement. 
 Haha.  But really. 
We’d have no homes and no possesions, but we’d be rocking some killer heels!


  1. RelatableStyle says:

    Those are come pretty cool rainboots 🙂 And I bought the skirt, too 😀 I still have to wear it though, hehe. I've read about tornados a lot recently on the blogs I follow… It makes me very thankful (yet again) that I live in what seems to be the only corner in the world that does not experience natural forces that strong. We don't even have poisonous animals or something ^^ Only

  2. Erin says:

    Thanks, I love these rainboots almost as much as my red ones! Where do you live that you don't even have poisonous animals, let alone natural distasters? I think I want to move there!

  3. RelatableStyle says:

    Haha 😀 Welcome to the wild wild west. Which, in this case, is the outer west of Germany 😉 Ok, this actually goes for most of Germany, save for a few regions near big rivers that get high water every now and then. The most dangerous "animals" we have are ticks. But the rest… Tsunamis? Shore line is too small and not open to an ocean. Earthquakes? Not really. Tornados? Don't

  4. Erin says:

    Ah, Germany. We were there for part of our Honeymoon, but mostly Bavaria. It was so beautiful and green – so much so that we didn't mind the rain! I think I fell in love with Europe that month. It might have also had something to do with the US dollar being stronger than the Euro (gee, now you know I must be really old, lol!)

  5. RelatableStyle says:

    Now I'm curious ^^ I have a feeling we are closer in age than you may think… I, for one, have paid with Mark well into my adult years 😀

  6. Erin says:

    Haha! We might be……I wasn't made in the 90s, I wasn't made in the 80s……and I hate to admit I might have been made in the 70s 😉

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