Social KC: KCFW Spring 2013, Red Carpet

With a packed house, the atmosphere was full of excitement and anticipation.  After pictures on a Red Carpet concrete floor, mingling with fellow bloggers and media friends (new and old) the show started with the sassy models of Courtney Perry’s House of Cochon:

Followed by another jewelry designer, Tracy McClain of Trajet Jewelry, whose stunning styling was every girl’s this girl’s dream come true:

Next up was Emma Lammers, whose weekend bags/over sized handbags gave new meaning to my mantra, “Speak softly and carry a big purse” – in a good way – they were amazing and I want one of each of them.  A huge shout out to her styling abilities as well:

Not to be out-done, Anna Friss of Blue Bird Apparel sent (somewhat distracting, yet very fun) mass amounts of helium filled balloons down the runway.  Don’t worry, they also wore clothes:


Amanda Clark of I Design With Love sent edgy feminism down the runway:

Then Katie McKenna of Pink Sheep Heiress wowed us with chiffon and spikes:

You need to see this dress in person.  It was amazing.

With a soundtrack (courtesy of GENT) that had us dancing in our seats (or tapping our feet…..and some of us singing – I mean, it was Frank Sinatra), Caroline Smith of Janie G. Couture brightened up the evening with:

DU Beauty Arts and Ashley Nelson nailed the Hair & Makeup for this show!

And, (add a dramatic pause here,) the show ended with the fabulous menswear designer Christian Micheal Shuster of christianMicheal.  (Add another dramatic pause) Ladies, gentleman.  I let the pictures speak for themselves:

Looks like one of those Mormon Missionaries 😉

Christian Micheal’s show was the cherry on the sundae, the icing on the cake.  Whether you loved or hated the evening, his show made it all worth it.

Photos of all the designers’ looks and more, can be found on the facebook page Pretty, Polished, Perfect.


  1. Stillblondeafteralltheseyears says:

    Great Coverage. Loved seeing your photos and hearing your thoughts!

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