West 18th St. Fashion Show

Wild Summer, West 18th Street Fashion Show – 2016

The team behind West 18th Street’s annual fashion show has announced the theme for 2016: Wild Summer. The invitation reads, “This year’s theme, Wild Summer, debuts the sixteenth year of the West 18th Street Fashion Show on June 11th, 2016. A season inspired by rebellion and growth, our designers will evoke ideas of initiation and coming of age. As Kansas City breaks new ground, presents fresh ideas, and celebrates a revival of craft and industry, expect a runway of alchemy and anarchy.”  

Wild Summer, a West 18th Street Fashion Show on June 11, 2016

Open to interpretation, I’m going to take a stab at what this means you should be wearing: 

  • Boho Chic (this is summer after all, and what else could wild mean except for the wandering freedom of wildflowers and sunsets of a warm summer’s night?)
  • Sweet 16 dresses (a precursor to prom if you ask me.)
  • Something sensibly cool that won’t show you’ve been sweating in your seat again.

I love to see the designs each artist produces just for this show, and this year has some of my favorite designers: Ngan Vuong of eNVedesigns.com, Hilary Brown, and Christian Micheal to name a few.  Grab yourself a ticket and join me for Wild Summer 2016, a West 18th Street Fashion Show.


Previous Years:

West 18th St. Fashion Show – Gilded Summer, 2015

What are two of my favorite things?  Dressing up and fashion shows (they are not mutually exclusive either.)  Last summer I attended the 18th Street Fashion Show – Triple Crown Summer and loved it.  Held outdoors on 18th Street (you saw that coming, right?) the fashion show was a celebration of local businesses and the multi-cultural crowd that was there to witness it.  

This year’s theme is Gilded Summer:
The free show (free means standing room on the sidewalk vs. VIP being an actual seat,) will be held Saturday, June 8, at dusk.  For more information and to purchase tickets, please visit www.westeighteenthstreet.com.  
What does gilded summer mean exactly?  The powers-that-be at 18stFS take the term from the Gilded Age, a period lasting roughly from the 1870s-1900s.  This article has a great quote, “We think of clothing as being cheap and disposable.  In this time period, clothing was more of an art.”  While I don’t wholly agree with that statement (and I think most designers wouldn’t agree with it either,)   it was a time when “society” only saw you in your finest – or art.  Keeping in mind that Mark Twain satirized what he would describe as an era of serious social problems hidden by a thin layer of gold.”*  (Again, I disagree.  When has there ever been an era in which serious social problems aren’t generally sugar-coated or avoided?  Also, this was an important time in history for woman’s suffrage – no layers of gold there,) this gives fashion-lovers the perfect opportunity to pull out their artsiest pieces and wear them!  While I don’t suggest satin and crinoline ball gown types (it will be summer, it will be warm) I’m excited to begin the hunt for the perfect outfit!  Any suggestions?
p.s.  Designers – it’s not too late to send in your applications!  Application submission ends March 18th……..I’m so excited to see which amazing designers will be chosen this year.
*quoted from Wikipedia


  1. sandyalamode says:

    can't wait to go to this with you!! we will have to wear pieces of art!!

  2. Sounds exciting! I haven't been to this event before!

  3. marilena schiavi says:

    hi!!! 🙂 your look is amazing!
    see my blog http://tr3ndygirl.com/

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