Shopping KC: Ross Dress for Less (plus a Triple P giveaway!)

When I got the email inviting me to the Grand Opening of the Ross Dress for Less store, I immediately accepted.  I kinda fell in love with this chain-store when they first opened in the Kansas City area last fall.  Rumor has it there is a store currently being prepped to open in Olathe, and trust me – when I find out when it is, I will social-media the heck out of that information.  Would you like to win a $25 gift card to Ross Dress for Less (and more prizes)?  You can enter the giveaway here (super-easy entries!)  Make sure you like their facebook page, they have some really great giveaways in the works (like giving away a $100 every week for four weeks!)

What’s so great about this store?

a) It’s like a treasure hunt (I can’t leave the store without at least glancing down every aisle,)

b) the prices are generally better than other discount retail stores and

c) it has a little bit of everything.

Not unlike a thrift store, I have a little map of where to head first.  Shoes.  Does that surprise anyone?  After shoes, I head to dresses (I couldn’t help but long for a daughter – or even my little sister – to dress shop with), from there I peruse the handbags, move onto the furniture, meander through the household goods, sneak a peek at any food items and then I wander through the racks and racks of tops, pants and skirts.  On my way out, I stop by the kids clothing, detour through the toys and then take a quick glimpse of men’s.  To round out the experience, I glance through the jewelry in the last few feet to the cash wrap (last fall I snagged this beauty!)

Like any grand opening, the store was crazy hectic (I’m pretty sure all of Lawrence, minus the hungover party-goers, and there were customers who were giddy with excitement (I’m not even kidding – the things I heard……I can’t even repeat,) and some who didn’t think the long lines were worth it.  Those who thought it was worth it made out with some great deals, and a free re-usable tote bag (which was way too small for all the goodies one can find in these stores, though I can’t complain about free eco-friendly totes!)

*This post is brought to you by Ross Dress for Less and all thoughts and opinions are my own.


  1. sandyalamode says:

    i wish i could have gone, but it was far for me!! love that turquoise bag!!

    Sandy a la Mode

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