The Sephora Package

What exactly is Bio-performance?

I really don’t know (and I doubt you want the Merriam-Webster definition.)  What I do know is that this stuff is good!

I had been using this ultra-expensive face lotion that I thought I loved, which I had ordered from  Along with that order, Sephora had sent me a few deluxe samples of products (as part of my Beauty Insider rewards.)  One of the samples was this Shiseido Bio-Performance Advanced Super Revitalizer (that seems like a lot of redundant adjectives, but who’s counting.)  Based on the packaging alone, I wasn’t interested, and into a drawer it went (it’s the miniature version of the product shown below.) 

Vacation time rolled around, and as I was packing my hygiene bag, I started searching for small containers to put my daily products into.  I stumbled across my deluxe sample, opened it, took a whiff.  Um, yeah.  My first thought was that I think their target market is for older women (I bet my grandmother would have loved this scent.) The texture wasn’t bad, so I dropped it in my bag; I found I was just too lazy to try to find any more little containers! 

Fast forward to vacation: each morning, I faithfully put on my moisturizer, and surprise, surprise!  I actually started to like it (after I got past the scent, which isn’t bad, it just isn’t my taste.)  I kept using it when I returned home.  I was actually disappointed when I ran out of it.  Somewhere in those two weeks, I had found a truly great moisturizer, and I hadn’t even realized it!  Best of all (ok, maybe I should say least of all,) now I have this sweet little jar that I can refill for other vacations and small trips!  That’s what I call a bonus!

What do I love about this product?  It’s not too heavy – I never have that afternoon shine!  It really does work.  My skin looks great; moisturized, healthy, clear.  I tend to break out, and my skin has actually been much clearer since I’ve been using this product.  I also like that I can use a sparing amount when it’s humid, and sufficiently more on dry days, and it never looks greasy (or shiny)!

Readers:  Have you ever stumbled across something amazing, purely by accident and out of the most unexpected package/place?

Leave your two cents here (three cents is always better!)