The Sack Dress, Cuter Than A Bathrobe

This is the type of outfit I wouldn’t normally blog about.  It’s essentially a t-shirt, only long enough that I don’t have to wear pants with it.  It’s essentially a sack, a few steps up from a garbage bag (see the saggy diaper butt after a day of wearing it??)  But it’s a cute garbage bag.  It’s cool and easy – perfect for a poolside cover-up, quick enough for oversleeping or last minute errands first thing in the morning, and cuter than your bathrobe.

Dress: Banana Republic Factory (got it on sale for $21, although it retails for $49.99) (similar here)

Scarf: Forever21 (similar here)
Bracelets: Banana Republic Factory and JCrew (similar here and here)
Sandals: Candies (similar here)
Clutch: Coach (similar here)
Sunglasses: Nordstrom

So why am I letting you see this dress?  Believe it or not, I have received more compliments on this dress than anything else in my closet this summer.  One evening, the Mr and I were lounging on the couch watching   the television (somewhat aimlessly) when he turned to me and said, “Hey, I wanted to tell you something.”  Like a bunny, my ears perked up, alert to the sound of an impending, ominous conversation.

“I really like you in that dress.”


“I don’t know, maybe it’s the way I can grab your butt……”

My head still hurts from what may very well be the world’s most exaggerated eye roll.

And I thought, “Out of all the things I wear, this is what you like??”

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  1. fashionforgiants says:

    Men are so funny sometimes, aren't they? You do look lovely in that dress though.


  2. Laura Hojnacke says:

    hahahaha! I can just see the eye roll.

  3. Terri says:

    Your husband sounds like mine!

  4. hahahah loved the little convo between you and your hubby!!! i love the dress, looks soo comfy!

  5. Oh how funny about your husband! Just when we think we've got them figured out! I think you look cute!

  6. Julie Sancken says:

    I absolutely LOVE that dress.

  7. Janae Cairns says:

    I think you look FAB! Polished and put together (the scarf and bracelets did that I think). AMAZING what a difference accessories make!!

  8. Janae Cooprider says:

    Love that dress and it looks so comfortable! You look so pretty in it!

  9. That's such a funny story! Such a cute fun outfit. Love the scarf in your hair.

  10. Heather says:

    I love the look! Comfy yet cute! My hubs would probably say the same thing, men are so confusing sometimes 😉

  11. Carolyn says:

    Men. Well you have to wear it again for sure. It looks great on you for sure. Don't you love when you get something cute on sale?

  12. CCs_Cheap_Chic says:

    What a great dress! Something about stripes and a comfy silhouette – so perfect for summer. 😉

  13. haha! I like easy dresses like that too. They're the best when you just need something quick and easy to thrown on. Apparently, they have other advantages, as well. 🙂

  14. sophisticated1992 says:

    Cute and simple. My latest blog post is about an outfit that I wouldn't normally blog about either and it has the same type of vibe as this one 🙂

  15. Andrea M says:

    Too funny! Isn't it crazy what the husbands like & how simple it usually is compared to all the effort we put in for other outfits that they don't even notice. New follower of your blog from WIWW!

  16. Lacey says:

    hahaha. sometimes i just love boys.

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