Ross Dress for Less + a Giveaway

Ross Dress for Less just opened a new store right by my local mall (ah, just typing the word mall brings back teenage memories, lol!)  I stopped by for the Grand Opening last week, and snapped a few pics of what you will find right now in stores.  Back-to-School?  End-of-Summer clearance?  Just need to get a good hunt in?  I found glittery shoes to please the girly-girl in me, slip-on tennis shoes to feed that addiction, Air-Force Ones (not really, but come on), and enough printed pants to camouflage you in any jungle.

Slide-on Tennis Shoes from Ross Dress for Less Giveaway Store Openings

I always start at shoes; yes, I’m a shoe-addict, but in my defense – the women’s shoes are always at the front of the store to your right.    Ross Dress for Less knows their marketing, no?!  Next is the handbags, right next to shoes (duh, right?)  Then I always stop by the dresses – they almost always have one of my most favorite brands of dresses hiding somewhere amongst those dresses.  From there I hit the apparel (all of it!) and then I feel compelled to see if there are any wooden hangers or other closet goodies and while I’m over there I might as well make sure they don’t have any good fruit baskets or other kitchen goodies and the of course I have to look at the furniture, because you know, IT’S RIGHT THERE.  I’m already at the back of the store, so I take a cursory glance at the bedding and then remember my sons might want new shoes and then of course I might as well stay and look AT EVERYTHING ELSE, regardless of the fact that The Mr has already texted, “When are you coming home?” and is now calling just to make sure I am still alive.  And then I hit up the luggage department because WHY NOT? 

Yes, that is what the hunt at Ross Dress for Less looks like every. single. time.  Which is why I recommend you bring hunting essentials: Chapstick, lotion, water and a protein bar.  

Don’t forget to stop by and to see what they found in stores and how they’ve incorporated it into their wardrobes.

Now who’s ready to win a $100 gift card to Ross Dress for Less?!  May the odds be in your favor 🙂

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Thanks to Ross Dress for Less for sponsoring this post (and the giveaway!)


  1. Nancy W. says:

    A new Ross just opened in Liberty as well and I found an amazing spinning shoe rack there for the corner or my closet since I am also a shoe addict. 🙂

    • Shoe addicts unite! Lol

      I’m glad you were able to find one 🙂

  2. Tara Huff says:

    I haven’t shopped there yet! Can’t wait to find some bargains.

  3. Alina says:

    Found the cutest most comfortable sandals to wear the entire summer!

  4. Sean C says:

    I found a crop top that I can wear without exposing my entire belly.

  5. I found a suede leather coat, that was inexpensive to begin with….But, it had a very small wear spot at the shoulder and after talking with the manager, I got the coat for $19.99!!!

  6. Samantha says:

    I found a beautiful dress to wear to my daughters graduation. Some amazing finds can be found, I love Ross.

  7. I have bought a really cute skirt, and an awesome swivel suitcase there, as well as other luggage and a purse!

  8. I love Ross! The last time I was there I found the best denim dress and it is so comfy and fashionable. Hope I win this giveaway!

  9. I found a cute yellow floral dress for $2

  10. lee mckoen says:

    Ross has the best designer purse’s at the best prices i have ever seen!

  11. susan strohl says:

    I found a gorgeous wrap dress for a bridal shower.

  12. Tina W says:

    I found a large SwissArmy rolling suitcase, in ORANGE! I love it! It is so easy to spot coming off the conveyor belt in the airport. It’s actually been almost around the world (some trips with me, others when friends borrowed it).

  13. lmsunshine33 says:

    Pretty much my entire maternity wardrobe, for less than $10 apiece 🙂

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