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Last week I attended a rather swanky party for the new RH Gallery (Leawood, KS.) Hosted by the Chairman & CEO of RH himself, Gary Friedman, benefiting the Children’s Mercy Hospital of Kansas City, with live performances by Larkin Poe and a DJ set by Rob Garza, this was easily the event of the summer season! Champagne was flowing (just water for me, thanks!), chic attendees were mingling and I was wandering around starry-eyed and testing each piece of furniture for comfort (wink.) What else would one expect from an RH Gallery in Leawood, KS? I tried to convince a few party-goers to dance with me, but you know, I guess it just wasn’t going to be that kind of party (boo.) I shared bits and pieces from the store – my favorite rooms and pieces, the shenanigans of myself and fellow blogger Dana of, and more on social media.

If you follow me on Instagram (@_tripleP), you may have seen the aforementioned bits and pieces via Instagram’s newest feature called (#sorrynotsorry, Snapchat) Stories. If you are a die-hard snapchatter, never fear, I posted there as well (follow me @prttyplshdprfct for musings, life’s ugly bits and more.) I’ll be sharing what my living room currently looks like on social media – so be sure to follow me on at least one of your favorite platforms if you want to a glimpse into my less-swanky-than-an-RH-Gallery-private-pary life (wink.) 

The multi-level gallery features the classic style most of us know Restoration Hardware for on the first floor, the brand new super-chic and dreamy contemporary line on the second floor and the most incredible outdoor patio I’ve ever drooled over on the third floor.  Walk through a beautifully styled bedroom, pass through the incredible matching (totally optional of course) bathroom and continue right on out to a mini-version of the upstairs patio.  From the bedrooms, you can head North and walk past sitting rooms and head straight in to the living rooms that only dreams are made of.  Follow the hallways through 30 foot archways to find the Atelier Design room, the most luxurious rugs you’ll ever want to lay your face on and textile options fit for a king.  I left the party with a smile on my face, an RH membership under my belt, and my head full of dreamy inspiration for redecorating my entire home.  Here I am, imagining myself in this living room (it wasn’t too difficult.)

RH gallery Leawood KS Spring Fall Living Room Outdoor Patio -8200

And here I am pretending this is my patio, where I’m about to be host a fabulous BBQ party in an equally imaginative climate.

RH gallery Leawood KS Spring Fall Living Room Outdoor Patio -8132

5 Tips for Redecorating Your Living Room (from an amateur)

  • Search Pinterest to get ideas of what appeals to – colors, styles, likes/dislikes (I pinned a ton to my Home Decor Pinterest board.)
  • Search galleries (like the RH Gallery Leawood) to get an even greater feel for textiles, styles, colors and more.  Bonus: RH Gallery Design Atelier is a great resource!
  • Find your anchor piece – a rug, a couch/sofa
  • Choose lighting.  Lighting, lighting, lighting – it’s everything (and can sometimes be an anchor as well!)
  • Find pieces to compliment the Anchor – artwork, paint colors, side tables, extra seating

Don’t forget to check out my home decor board on Pinterest – there’s lots of inspiration and beauty all in one spot, including these photos featuring rooms from the RH Modern collection!

modern living room, white couch/sofa from RH Gallery Leawood KS via

Modern, dreamy, airy bedroom from RH Gallery Leawood KS via

bright and white modern living room with white couches from RH Gallery Leawood KS via PrettyPolishedPerfect.comBlue tufted velvet couch from RH Gallery Leawood KS via


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    Beautiful pictures! The room suits you! 🙂

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