Recycled Fibers: Repreve Green Beanie

When I was asked to review Repreve’s Green Beanie, made from recycled fiber, I couldn’t say yes fast enough. These recycled fibers (made from recycled plastic bottle products) make it easy to #TurnItGreen with things we can wear and use on a daily basis.

Repreve Green Beanie made with Recycled Fiber #turnitgreen

In elementary school, we would spend the entire month of April learning about, studying and incorporating Earth Day into our lives. In the second grade, we were each asked to recycle, repair or re-use an item as sort of a science project. Me being me, I thought long and hard about what I could do and ended up choosing socks.  To the dismay of everyone, I stitched up a hole or two in a pair of knee-high, camel-colored, cable-knit, wool socks.  You can see why everyone else was dismayed.  What is it that gives used socks a bad rap?  It wasn’t as if they weren’t clean!  Anyway, I proudly displayed those poorly stitched together socks in the school’s library that month (and I never forgot about it either.)  I was a wool-sock wearing tree-hugger even at that age.  I’ve since moved on to cotton (mostly, I do have a few pairs of wool socks hiding somewhere,) and would never let my children take hole-y socks to school for science projects, but I’m still a tree-hugger.  A closet one (looks like I’m out of the closet now.) 

Repreve Green Beanie made of recycled fiber

I was also asked to make a short video about how my family and I #turnitgreen.  Um, I know you didn’t want to see us carrying our trash to the recycling bin (which is really how we keep it green) or see pictures of us changing out our energy-efficient light bulbs.  I also have to say that I hang dry 98% of my clothing because the high heat is harsh on the fabric, and not really because I’m trying to be energy-efficient.  Sorry, but it’s true.  So, what did I make a video of?  The Dr (when I told him about the Repreve green beanie, he perked right up and asked, “Does it keep you warm?”  “Of course, it’s essentially polyester,” I replied.)  We put on our green beanies (the kids refused, probably because I was laughing at The Dr’s inability to wear a beanie the right way) and headed outside with the kids (his girls and my boys) to jump on the trampoline. 

The green beanie does in fact keep you warm.  Tried and tested right there.  For more information on Repreve’s #TurnItGreen campaign, and their contest (you could win $5000!) visit Repreve’s website or watch this video on Youtube.

And what would a video produced by TripleP without a little House of Pain? haha

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