The Ramones: T-shirt Style

I was wandering through H&M a few weeks ago and stumbled upon yet another black t-shirt.  Maybe it’s been the long winter, maybe it’s been snowpocalypse times three.  Maybe it’s because I drive a mini-van, I don’t know, but I wanted this shirt.  I really thought little of it; I know a few of the Ramones’ songs, I know some of the history behind the band.  What was most shocking is that apparently so do my UPS man, the clerk at the grocers and the school bus driver.  In fact, I was receiving compliments.  On a Ramones t-shirt.  Who knew, right?  I’m not sure what kind of cosmic bond me and my fellow Ramones lovers have (or if they too have a Ramones t-shirt hiding under their uniforms), but it’s there (and I’m hoping it’s not a bad thing.)

 Ramones T-shirt Black Madewell Legging Jean

 T-shirt: Ramones t-shirt in blue (black is sold out)

Cardigan: Sweet Romeo (similar)

Leggings: Madewell Legging Jeans  in Cyclone Wash

Boots: Steve Madden Trickie

Ramones t-shirt in black and the Madewell Legging Jean

If Rachel Zoe is quoted as saying “Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak,” then what is the UPS man really trying to say?  What am I really trying to say?  Um, I like comfy warm clothes in winter?

Thanks to Meg of for taking the photos!


  1. I think you’re trying to say you were a UPS delivery guy in a former life. 😉
    Very cute, Erin!! Your hair is straight and this is new to me… Looks totally lovely! Also, I do not picture you driving a minivan. It must have flames on it or something? Happy Friday, gal.

    • Lol, yes. A mini-van! No flames, but does leather seating count as cool? Bahahaha.

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