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The end of summer is here; the days are warm and the nights don’t seem to bring any relief.  And mosquitoes.  lol!  Despite the warmth (I brought watermelon, a sweet juicy one that was perfect for a warm summer affair!) and the bugs, Megan and I hosted an intimate little dinner party on the patio.  

West Elm's Burnished Wood Serving Board - an entertaining must have on Pretty, Polished, Perfect.com


Dinner Party with West Elm on Pretty, Polished, Perfect.com

Sarah of SarahScoop.com and Shanley of EatItKansasCity.com joined us for the casual affair, and we talked a little about ourselves and a lot about blogging (it’s like we can’t help ourselves, lol!); it’s been great to see the KC community of bloggers grow – the amount of talent out there is incredible!  Shanley brought a light and yummy Summer Harvest Quinoa Salad with perfectly ripened tomatoes, corn and mangoes.  West Elm provided the tablescape (I’m still dying over the rocking bird salt & pepper shakers, and that burnished wood serving board? A must have – if you’ve got the space) and Sarah of One Sparrow Creative was there to capture the details.

Dinner Party with West Elm on Pretty, Polished, Perfect.com

Good food, good friends, comfy clothes on Pretty, Polished, Perfect.com

Dinner Party with West Elm on Pretty, Polished, Perfect.com

Summer Soiree

It was a busy day prepping for the party, with last-minute errands to the grocery store on top of my usual daily tasks.  Megan summed it up pretty much to a T when she laughingly said, “You’re such a soccer mom!”  I am, and nothing proves it more than when I find up-front parking at the grocery store and feel a burst of triumph and pride in skills (I’m totally kidding guys, but you knew that right?)  

Lorna Jane now at Fitness Culture in Kansas City <on Pretty, Polished, Perfect.com srcset=” width=”750″ height=”561″>

I was still wearing my gym clothes, and after getting so many compliments on these fab Onzie capris I decided my casual ensemble was just going to have pass muster for tonight’s dinner party.  You may remember them from June, when I first featured my go-to for all things fitness wear, Fitness Culture.  I added a basic white t-shirt (I have a drawer full of them!) and paired it with a new Lorna Jane sweater and matching sports bra (with padding, because duh!)  I have faithfully been carrying around my Madewell Transport Tote all summer – the best money I’ve spent on a leather bag to-date!  It’s so versatile and despite having mimed a “Mary Poppins” reference one Sunday during church (my sister totally got it, I’m so proud of myself lol!) it’s really been the perfect bag.  So…..this photo:

The Madewell Transport Tote - perfection in tote form on Pretty, Polished, Perfect.com

And a few more photos because Sarah Sweeney is so incredibly talented, that I couldn’t NOT share these images with you all.

Dinner Party with West Elm on Pretty, Polished, Perfect.com


 A special thank you to the lovely Sarah and Shanley for joining us, and to Sarah of One Sparrow Creative because she is sweet, kind and super-talented; to West Elm on the County Club Plaza, whose store is a treasure trove of style and to Fitness Culture of Kansas City for their amazing fitness wear!


  1. Say hi to Sarah for me! What a lovely party. Wish I was there with you all. I crazy about Quinoa right now..just made some turkey quinoa burgers….just WOW!

  2. Julie says:

    So stunning! I love your florals & that pretty melon!

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