Polka Dots + Pregnancy

What do polka dots and pregnancy have to do with each other? Nothing. 

Jacket: Forever21
Necklace: H&M (sort of similar here)
Top: Jcrew (similar here)
Bracelets: Target
Ring: Thrifted (similar, without the clasp, here)
Jeans: Old Navy
Handbag: Thrifted (fun option here, but is it real??)
Shoes: Banana Republic (similar here)

In other news. 

Now that I’ve had children (and I’m still in my “prime”) I’m super-conscious of “looking” pregnant.  When shopping for tops (and dresses) I always have to wonder, “Does this look like a maternity top?”  “Is there even the slightest chance that someone will wonder if I’m pregnant in this?”  I’m not kidding.  Maybe it has to do with that time I was asked if I was pregnant.  And I wasn’t.  At all.  In fact, I thought I was looking rather thin that day.  Anyway, the reason why I bring this up?

Either this picture makes me look pregnant or fat.  Yay.  Haha.
p.s. I’m not pregnant.  That bakery’s been closed. 


  1. Sarah\Destrehan's Daughter says:

    I love the coral and navy together. I also got once asked if I was pregnant when I was not. Another friend at the wedding was visibly (like 8 months) pregnant and yet they still asked me. The day sucked a bit more!

  2. Ashlee Rigsby says:

    This is super funny because my best friend and I often get excited about tops/dresses that can be used when we're pregnant, too! Maybe that will change once we've actually BEEN pregnant? Haha. Love the outfit!!

  3. Erin says:

    Haha, I used to get so excited about it when I WAS pregnan, but not in-between and definitely not now that I am done having children! It was a similar ordeal with wanting to wear maternity clothes. When I first got pregnant, I couldn't wait to wear maternity clothes (I was actually excited!) Then I started getting huge and the last two times I waited until the last possible moment to

  4. Erin says:

    I've learned to never ask. Especially when I still looked pregnant those first few months after having had a baby! It's got to be the worst thing in the world for a woman to be asked if she's pregnant/when she's due when she isn't!

  5. haha..I totally know what you mean…for the longest time after my daughter was born I belted everything to show that I had a waist (might be a side effect of not having one while preggo). I think it also has to do with the fact that women are always looking for signs that a friend could be knocked up…seriously people, stop being so nosey!
    And no you don't look pregnant at all…I was

  6. Carla5555 says:

    Gorgeous look! I carried twins so it was hard to pull off super cute looks but i managed lol.


  7. Jenna Reimers says:

    I love your outfit! perf! I am pregnant and I'm not showing yet so its weird because my clothes are tight in some areas and its difficult to buy new clothes because I am hoping to turn to my regular size after birth.. anyways..

    Thanks for linking up to my link up party last week. Hope you'll link up again tomorrow! 🙂


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