Last month I was the grateful guest in the home of Julie Blanner.  We’ve become pretty good friends, connecting over the business of blogging, and we were both going to attend a blogger party that weekend.  As soon as I got into town, I took my bags up to her guest room and knew the second I saw it that I would love it.  It was a perfect haven – comfortable in it’s simplicity, light colors and big windows.  Lacking the clutter that usually makes me feel chaotic, I knew I would be sleeping well that night!  The bed was made with light colors and pillows aplenty.  I did indeed sleep well (feeling equal parts at home and like I was in a luxury hotel.) I know someone who had bed bugs and she had to get some pest control experts to come and get rid of them for her. Luckily this bed didn’t have any bed bugs in though!!

Between Julie’s guest room and the previous month’s hotel stay (with one of my most favorite pictures ever), I knew it was time to update my own bedroom.  What did I love about Julie’s guest room?  The light, the clean colors, and the plentiful pillows.  What did I love about the hotel stay in Omaha?  The white on white on white and pillows on pillows on pillows. 

I don't ever want to get out of bed!

I already have a comforter (which I must have laundered professionally because I do not have an industrial washing machine. Or dryer.) so I was hoping to find a fabulous duvet cover.  I hit up (because they provided me with a gift card to shop with them) and started my search.  Oh, my eyes lit up like Christmas with options like these (can you tell it’s been cold here lately?): 

Warm, comfy, cozy and stylish pillows, poufs, and throws at

1 // 2 // 3 // 4

But in the end, I knew I wanted a solid white duvet set.  With all the options out there, what on earth compelled me to go with basic white?  The same principles that rule my wardrobe shopping:

4 Tips on choosing Pillows, Poufs and Throws (every beds’ greatest accessories):

  • Function – unless you have no children, pets and don’t eat or drink, you can purchase anything your heart desires!
  • Color – I like a clean, crisp look because I find that soothing, and my bed is where I sleep (primarily.) Red will make you hungry.  Yellow will make you irritable (it’s true! I read it on the internet <wink>)
  • Comfort – I mean, who doesn’t like being surrounded by soft, comfy pillows?  Like a cocoon!
  • Versatility – if something disastrous happens to say, a single sham,will you need to replace the entire bedding set, or can you find an extra sham that will match?  I can embroider these, I can sew in ribbons, heck – I could let my children draw artwork on it (if I had, you know, lost my mind or someone had already accidentally taken a marker to it and then it would be like covering up a tattoo of a boy’s name you regret getting lol!)

I don't ever want to get out of bed!

I think now I just need to buy a few more throw pillows, a pouf and an extra throw blanket or two.  I’ll be using code WFPTP15 to get 15% off any pillow, pouf or throw (you know I love a discount!)  You can use the code too, but it’s only good through November 24, so hurry!

I don't ever want to get out of bed!

And yes, I use my son’s artwork like wallpaper.  I also only iron my bedding when guests are coming in town.  Don’t you?!  lol

And just in case you missed it up there, is the sponsor of the post.  All opinions are my own, and look – I even made my own big-girl decisions too!


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