Espadrilles are so 50s, right?

I found myself at Old Navy, and stumbled across these cute espadrilles.  With the outfit I had worn that day, I felt a bit 1950s, early 1960s-ish.  Cute enough, I suppose, but I’m not sold on the peep toe – something seems wrong with it!  You can’t tell by my meager cell phone pic, but […]

The perfect pearl

In 2007, my husband and I received a Christmas card featuring a family picture. The lovely wife in the photograph was wearing the most fabulous pearl ring, evah!  I wanted one.  This is what I got.  I thought I was perfectly happy with it until I came across this Simply Vera Vera Wang at While the Vera […]

My least favorite emotion?

Some might answer that question with ‘anger’ – a seemingly useless emotion that often leads us to bad moods, saying things we shouldn’t, and even doing things we normally wouldn’t.  I can handle anger.  I can process it, deal with it, and let it go.  Disappointment on the other hand, that is an emotion I […]

Road Trip!

I received an invitation last week, and I am so excited!  I have to admit that besides being a fan of the arts and museum across the globe, the part that made me smile is…….the dress code! It states “Drive in wearing a decade theme or business attire.”  Forget the busness attire – I am […]

The Sephora Package

What exactly is Bio-performance? I really don’t know (and I doubt you want the Merriam-Webster definition.)  What I do know is that this stuff is good! I had been using this ultra-expensive face lotion that I thought I loved, which I had ordered from  Along with that order, Sephora had sent me a few […]

Married White Female seeks

The perfect hat for summer! I will let you know as soon as I find it……………

I found these cute sandals at for $26.80.      I am in love with a similar pair at for $165.     As much as I love the wedge heel, the $138 difference is giving me something to think about!    I love this shoe – I think it would be great […]

All good things come in

Separate packages, apparently!  Can’t wait to blog about anything that arrives in one of these: ~Erin

April Showers

Bring May Flowers!  I was at Old Navy, stocking up on lil’ boy tees, and couldn’t help but take a glance at the women’s clothing.  I meandered back to the sale section and found these fun wellie hidden in the back of a high shelf: I love Wellies! ~Erin

Stripes are NOT just for zebras

I was at J.Crew yesterday and they have this season’s most coveted striped blazer.  I practically ran to the fitting rooms to try it on!  Oh, the disappointment.  The fit was all wrong.  So wrong I couldn’t even snap a picture.  I found this cute one at Forever21, for a fraction of the cost.  It […]

Rain is falling all around

On my head and on the ground.  And maybe on my new trench coat!   I found this lovely and oh-so-soft one at Forever21 and I fell. In. Love.    It is so cute with a pair of skinny jeans (J.Crew matchstick in premium rinse shown here.) thanks to my lil’ sis (Anna), for her help […]

Brown paper packages tied up in string

Or tape.  Whichever.  Just one of my favorite things!  I will post about my Sephora purchase soon! ~Erin

To tee or not to tee….

J.Crew is currently offering a Leather tee. While it isn’t in my price range, nor is it really my style, it does make me crave a lush and supple leather that fits like no other.  Imagine my shock when I found this leather tee, on clearance, at Forever21.  Granted, it’s “leatherette,” which we all know […]

Olive oil on my what??

Ingredients: Olive oil Sugar Clay mask Patience My skin was both dry and oily. It felt tight and uncomfortable and yet would have a yucky oil layer over it. I washed, scrubbed, and moisturized to no avail. It dawned on me one day at the eye doctor that I had been going about this all wrong. The eye secretes tears […]

Happy Birthday, Old Man!

Haha, today is my father’s birthday.  A few weeks ago, I was shopping for lil’ boys ties at Kohls (another retailer I don’t have much luck with,) when I stumbled upon a few Men’s Ties, obviously in the wrong department.  I was reminded of an item on my father’s Christmas wish list: a Christmas tie […]