Jungle Fever

I would like to let the dress speak for itself: 1 word: Fluid. And a few extra photos because, hey.  I can. 🙂 Yes, that is me, trying not to fall off the log.  I try to be gracious, but my own clumsiness overcomes me! {dress H&M jacket Zara shoes Steve Madden}

Belated Mother’s Day

Have you missed me?  I’ve missed you, my lovely readers, to whom I would be nothing without!  Last weekend, my grandmother passed away.  But don’t be sad.  She wanted her death to be a celebration of her life, with lots of laughter (I know, it sounds funny, but I’m partial to humor in leiu of […]


Minus the color.  Sort of.  I found this dress at Kohls and thought it would be perfect for “fat” days, or those days when I have exactly 30 seconds to throw something on and head out the door.  I also found these shoes at Kohls and thought I would reach outside of my comfort zone […]


Try to say that three times in a row, lol!  I bought this shirt a few years ago when JCrew was producing a bunch of “work” type womenswear, and they called the fabric Haberdashery (do you know why?)  {shirt JCrew skirt Target shoes Daisy Fuentes necklace + bracelet Chaps watch Nordstrom} I love the fabric […]

This is IT.

No, I am not referring to Micheal Jackson’s last film. I’m referring to my new go-to skirt for the summer! I know, I’ve already posted a sneak pic of this skirt (and the shoes!) when I tried it on in the store, but I love the skirt so much, I had to devote an entire […]

We Interrupt This Broadcast to Bring You…..

Aprons.  Let me start at the beginning.  Last week I posted about my recent trip to my favorite spice store, Penzeys.  I went there looking for fleur de sel (those beautiful flakes you see on top of oh, chocolate covered caramels.)  I’m ahead of myself again.  Catherine (my sister) taught me how to make these delicious candied apples: […]

A Dash of Disappointment

Leads to a helping of satisfaction.  Last month, I went searching for a “decade theme” outfit to wear to a charity event at a local museum.  I was hoping that I could score big at a vintage/consignment store, and not have to go the costume route.  I checked out a new consignment store that I […]

Vera Wang, I Salute you!

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but in the past few years, Kohls has really seemed to up its own ante.  Adding renowned designers like Vera Wang (I will admit, I was skeptical – it seems that when a designer attaches their name to mass merchandisers, they don’t amount to much and it seems to […]

White Day, White Night, White Out.

When I first read the “homework assignment” for this week, I groaned inwardly.  I whined to the computer screen, “But I haven’t got my sunkissed glow yyyeeeeeeeeeeeeeetttttttttt.”  With that preface, I suggest you grab some shades before viewing my pictures.  They may be cornea searing 😉  I recently read an article by a fellow blogger, […]

Impromptu Date Nights

The Mr. and I had been busy all day, doing what, I can’t remember.  By dinner time, I just wanted to get out and do some shopping.  The Mr. had mentioned that he wanted a few new pairs of pants, maybe a few shirts that he could wear to work (I love him, but he’s a […]

Love Spring, Love Ruffles

BR find #3: {jacket BR tee JCrew jeans 7 for all Mankind shoes Elle belt GAP handbag Marshall’s} I love the ruffles on this jacket!  I thought they would make my waistline or hips look bad, but I was wrong; they were super-cute!  Those jeans?  Just found them at Sam’s Club (I’m that cool, I […]

Love Spring, Love Stripes

BR find #2: Remember this cute jacket from F21?  This jacket ended up being the same price!  I love sales! {dress Old Navy jacket BR necklace F21 shoes JCrew} Yet another side note:  I bought this dress years ago – when I was huge as a house pregnant with my second child.  Stacey and Clinton […]

Love Spring, Love Jackets

It’s been disappointingly cool here.  The upside?  I get to wear cute jackets; after a long winter, I am so over sweaters.  A few days ago, I stopped by Banana Republic (BR) to pick up some pants for the Mr.  When I was informed that all sale items were an additional 40% off, I couldn’t […]

Book Club + Bad Hair Day

‘Nuf said.  Right? {fedora Forever21, cardigan JCrew}

Austin, TX

I decided to surprise Nicole by showing up at her house for her birthday!  The look on her face was priceless – from annoyance (I had my fat thumb covering the peephole, lol) to sheer delight!  She says it was the best present possible.  The decision to go was a bit last minute, so I wasn’t […]