Day 3: Pencil Skirt

I’ve seen women of every shape and size look good in a pencil skirt.   Personal Case in Point: My sister Aurelia always said she looked awful in them – they made her hips look funky.  Fast forward a few years (and many shopping trips later) and she showed up at my house one day wearing………a […]

Day 2: Denim Skinnies

When the little nuclei of my amazing genetics were entering the codes for thigh structure (bone, muscle and tissue,) it was the late 70s.  The very late 70s and my nuclei obvioulsy thought that trouser pants were here to stay.  That’s my explanation for why my genetic “team” failed to take into account that I […]

Day 1: Dark Denim Trousers

For the month of October, I will be participating in 31 Days of……Wardrobe Essentials.  This post contains over 600 link-ups for 31 days of varying things, how to’s, ideas, suggestions, etc.  I will post one essential item I think every wardrobe (or at least my own) should have.  Day 1: Dark Denim Trousers. These jeans are […]

Breast Cancer Awareness + Giveaway Winner

Today is the first day of Breast Cancer Awareness Month!  I’m sure you’ve already been seeing pink everywhere (even food packaging is pink…..even when they won’t be donating any proceeds to charity, those unethical marketing departments have caught on quick – watch for it.  If it doesn’t say that a portion of the proceeds, etc., […]

That Old Hollywood Glamour

This is my first review of the Jennifer Lopez collection for Kohls.  I think it really helped that I had just come off the disappointment of Missoni for Target.  Next to that, Jennifer Lopez’s new collection is like a gold mine!  Okay, not really, but at least it doesn’t look and feel like it’s cheap.  […]

Scarf Tying Tutorial

Plus bloopers!  I can’t even begin to express how nervous I am to be doing my first vlog.  Will my readers love me or hate me?  Will they laugh or will they cry?  Will they learn something or will their brains go into active comas? Let’s find out: I had to add the bloopers.  Because […]

The Holidays + A Giveaway!

The Holidays are here (whether we like it or not.)  Walk into any store and it’s guaranteed you will find something “Holiday-ish” (and I’m not talking about Halloween!!)  This is the time that I start watching for the great deals that can be found for some of my most basic needs (i.e., return address labels & […]

Red Shoes + Red Carpet? Bad Girl, Bad.

Here is the full outfit from Fashion Night out at the Country Club Plaza in Kansas City.  I’m thinking there’s a really good reason why the photographer didn’t take a full body shot…….classic feet amputation: vs. Top: Old Navy Necklace: H&M Bracelets: Target, I can’t remember Clutch: Gap Pants: JCrew Belt: DIY Grosgrain Ribbon Shoes: […]

Work + DVF

My husband had his “office party” and yes, the dress was business casual.  Of course, nearly everyone dresses above and beyond the basic “anything but shorts/denim” criteria.  Not to be outdone, I pulled out one of my favorite (and when I say favorite, I mean I would cry if anything happened to this dress.)  Oh yes, […]

Fashion’s Night Out, Kansas City

I talked my sister Catherine into going to Fashion’s Night Out on the Plaza in Kansas City.  Actually, I asked her about it and without hesitation she said (read: practically screamed) yes.  To be honest with you, I occasionally (read: rarely) remembered to document the evening with photos: Bo Ling’s Almond Cookies.  It’s good Chinese […]

Diet Coke Ad, Part Deux

I’m going to be perfectly honest (not that I am not always honest, lol) when I read the email that I would be featured on the Times Square billboard, I danced like a crazy woman around my living room. Jumping up and down ensued.  Any passersby may have been tempted to call an ambulance. Of […]

The Mr.

I am not sure if I’ve ever explained FBFF, so I will do so now.  It’s just a friendly community that fashion bloggers have joined on Google.  Every Friday, there is a specific topic we are invited to discuss through our blogs, and we can link our posts here.  This Friday, the topic is advice. […]

A Quickie.

I woke up on this particular day (it was a Sunday,) and really wished I could get away with wearing sweats.  The next best thing?  A cotton skirt and cotton v-neck tee. Necklace: F21 ($1.50) Top: Target (on sale through Saturday – $6) Belt: H&M Skirt: F21 Shoes: SO (via Kohls) I love these two […]

Missoni for Target: A Review

It is my humble opinion* that this collection was all hype.  Nothing else.  The clothes were poor quality (100% polyester, come on!)  At least the scarves were 100% silk (a surprising choice because I think the shirts should have been silk as well.)  The maxi dress that was in my local store was too short.  I […]

Diet Coke Ad.

I entered a photo (ok, two photos) to the Diet Coke contest on Facebook.  If you have time, feel free to pop on over and give my photos 5 stars (you might have to like the page, you might have to hit the “enter to win” button, but have no fear, you don’t actually have […]