Overalls: Trend or Timeless

I believe I may be eating my words right now; I’m 100% positive I’ve said no one should wear overalls, ever.  Unless you happen to be a toddler, toddling around with a toy in hand, I’ve always thought overalls were a trend to avoid.  Drive to Omaha for the Omaha Fashion Week, forget your very important clothes, stay at a hotel near an Urban Outfitters and voila – I’m wearing overalls (I still completely disagree with shortalls.)


 Shout out to Sandy for snapping these pics for me!


I say go big or go home when it comes to overalls.  I also say keep your hands in your pockets at all time.  I’m not kidding.  Look at every single picture (okay, 98% of them) and every model, pedestrian or random other woman is posing with her hands in her pockets.  Why?  Most likely because she’s wearing a bib.  I don’t know, but even I couldn’t help but put my hands in my pockets.  They were comfortable though, and the most reasonably priced overalls I’ve seen yet!

Overalls: Urban Outfitters BDG Denim Overall
Top: Urban Outfitters Tela Lace Cropped Tee (similar to this beauty from JCrew, but more affordable!)
Shoes: Nine West Black Patent Martina High Heel Pumps
Cami: JCrew Silk Cami (I pretty much live and die by these silk camis!)
Bracelet: JCrew (JCrew’s Classic Link Bracelet is great alternative!)
Purse: thrifted





  1. love you in overalls!! i think it’s a trend but will go in and out throughout the years!! so keep them in your closet!

    Sandy a la Mode

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