Organize Your Accessories, Part 1

Now that I’ve got that out of the way, let’s talk organization again.  If you are like me, I clean out my closet every few months……and have a large pile of clothes that will be sold, donated or recycled.  Every time I clean my closet, I have big hopes that I’ve gotten rid of enough that I will miraculously have space for something awesome, like a shoe or jewelry cabinet.  Sadly, all I ever have is a little bit of breathing room for the favorites I decide to keep.

After years of disorganization, I decided to think outside the box (and outside my closet) for my jewelry organization:
I started using vintage teacups, but I needed something for longer, larger earrings.  I thrifted this glass for $.49!
These jewelry trees can be found everywhere: Forever21, Kohls, JoAnns, Michaels……

Another vintage teacup thrifted for under $1!

I thrifted an old picture frame, spray painted it and simply added pins directly to the wall behind it (I’m not afraid of a few small holes, lol!)  They have some decorative push-pin type hook at Lowe’s and Home Depot.  I put up a mirror so I wouldn’t carry the jewelry into the bathroom or closet – I was ending up with piles of discarded jewelry all over the place!
My bracelets and rings are kept in the top drawer of my dresser.  I found some great jewelry organizers at Michaels.  If you use a drawer, you can line it with felt to keep your pieces, cups and saucers, and containers from sliding around when the drawer is opened or closed.
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So think outside the box and get that jewelry organized!  If you can’t see it, you won’t ever wear it!  If you can’t see it, you might find yourself buying things twice (or like items!)
How do you organize your jewelry?



  1. Tender Allure says:

    I'm always changing how I organize my jewelry…it's like I can never be happy with the way my jewelry are arranged!

    P.S. Check out my giveaway for 2 trendy chain bracelets on my blog!

  2. Niki Caron says:

    I love these ideas! I seriously need to get organized!

  3. Gah! This is gorgeous! I have one cute necklace holder, but it's overflowing with necklaces so it loses its cuteness. And my bracelets are in a cardboard box. I am so inspired! And thanks for linking up!

  4. Sandy a la Mode says:

    ahhh i LOVE your organizers!! i need some better ones for bracelets and rings!!

  5. dotinthecity says:

    love this! I have my jewelry organized in a similar fashion. Some is in dishes and others hang, always so it's easy to see/find.

  6. I really love the idea of hanging your earrings on a cool wine glass!! I have a small coat rack hanging in my bathroom that I added shower hooks to so I could hang my necklaces from them. My earrings are on an earring tree I just purchased yesterday!

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