On Saturdays I Shop

Online.  To avoid the crowds (especially at stores like Forever21….those fitting room lines make me seriously contemplate trying on clothes right where I stand.  Really, I’ve got nothing good to hide.)

Anyway, here are a few things I’m drooling mulling over (I hate Forever21’s return policies by the way; that and their extremely cheap clothing – but that still doesn’t stop me!)

1. Athletic Jacket plus skirt
2. Workout Top
3. Leopard Scarf
4. Polka Dot Hi-Lo Top
5. Lace Top
6. Stripe Peter Pan Collar Top
7. Stripe Jacket

What are your thoughts?  Cheap and trendy for the summer?


  1. RIGHT?! those damn fitting room lines — and poor quality of clothing?! I don't really enjoy shopping there anymore, and on top of that — the store is always a HOT MESS!

  2. Erin says:

    That's why I try to shop it online! It's much easier. Also, the quality is poor, but it's the perfect price point for trendy pieces that I will only wear a few times anyway. It's a poor trade-off, but it's one my budget can handle, haha!

  3. Terri says:

    There's some cute items, but…

  4. I wonder why F21 doesn't just have a communal changing room like some stores do in NYC.

  5. I agree about the online shopping, if only it weren't for their return policy. I bought a few pieces a couple of weeks ago, and although I could have returned them for store credit which I'm sure I would use, it just seems like such a hassle. Although its cheap, there are some great finds! Some of my favorite pieces are from there and have held up incredibly well. Did you end up buying

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