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The Mr and I took the boys up to Omaha this past weekend for a quick getaway.  I loved, loved, loved downtown Omaha (to put it simply.)  The Old Market district was a combination of my favorites from Kansas City; it was like the Plaza, Crown Center and the Power & Light District all rolled into one. 

We headed to the Omaha Visitors Center first.  I highly recommend stopping by these in every city you visit.  There is almost always at least one person working there who has a goldmine of insider information – the best restaurants, local spots, SLIDES……..

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We found these slides right outside the Visitors’ Center, and the cold weather has never been one to slow down my sons.  We got checked in at the Fairfield Inn & Suites Downtown, centrally located in downtown Omaha, unpacked our bags and I realized I had forgotten to pack my most important outfits (it was Omaha Fashion Week after all!)  Freaking out slightly (okay, there may have been some hyperventilating – just kidding) and with only two hours before the show started,  I headed over to the closest shop I could find: Urban Outfitters.  I don’t often shop there.  They might have one or two fun, trendy, inexpensive items.  I scoured both the men’s and women’s departments – this was a fashion show, and if I had to come up with an outfit at the last-minute, I was going to leave no stone (inside one store) unturned.  I grabbed three suitable outfits (I’m still cringing inside) that were more casual than I would have preferred, but I was limited on time and resources, so BAM!  I wore denim overalls to the Friday night show.  Yes, I wore overalls.  The one thing I said I would never wear again.  I was that desperate.  Anyway, the rest of the weekend went well; we hit up the Children’s museum during the day, swam in the evenings (while I attended Omaha Fashion Week shows,) and spent a gorgeous and sunny Sunday wandering the Omaha Zoo (the aquarium was definitely everyone’s favorite.)  We also wandered around downtown again, hitting Hollywood Candy (also the Fairmont Antique and Mercantile) and Ted & Wally’s (AMAZING recommendations from the girl at the Visitor’s Center.)  Fairmont was full of rows upon rows of candy, every type of soda possible, and mazes of antiques, flea market booths and a fully functioning, rentable vintage movie theater.  The boys picked up boxes of football cards (I’m inwardly groaning about these) for $5, vintage candies they’ve never tried, and then we crossed the street to the most fabulous and retro ice cream shop I’ve been to yet.  The ice cream is hand-made in the store, the flavors are creative and delicious, and the décor is eclectic and colorful.  There was also a line out the door and wrapping across the parking lot.  But it was definitely worth it.  As far as eating, we hit the world’s worst restaurant the first night (FABULOUS building, décor and atmosphere, Kraft Mac & Cheese food – blech.)  We more than made up for it Sunday evening by attempting to eat at Trini’s (didn’t open until 5pm, and it was 4…..) and ended up at Zio’s Pizzeria (not the Italian chain restaurant.) The pizza was decent, the alfredo sauce was tolerable (says my 7-year-old,) and the atmosphere was fun.  It was a fun weekend, the boys loved getting away (and swimming and waffles every morning!)  I think it’s the perfect weekend escape (and only three hours away.)  For a quick re-cap:

5 things to see and do in Omaha Nebraska

A special thank you to for helping to coordinate this family vacation!


  1. We need to go back! I haven’t been to Omaha in several years & it’s SO close! Looks like the kiddos had a great time!

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