Omaha Fashion Week

At the beginning of March, the Mr and I took the boys to Omaha, NE for a quick getaway; actually I went for Omaha Fashion Week, and dragged them all along with me (still haven’t heard any complaints…..)  This was my first time at OFW, and it was…..a great experience.  Everything ran smoothly (of course it started late, don’t they all?!) and the atmosphere was fun and energetic.  That first night, I got to sit on this raised platform, complete with VIP velvet ropes and all.  The very first designer to show that evening was Margie Trembley.  You guys.  I. was. in. Heaven.  Not only is Margie Trembley a talented milliner, but she is a styling genius (or she knows a styling genius.)  Reminiscent of vintage Barbie Dolls sketched by Robert Best, Margie’s modeled walked down that runway with absolute perfect grace and style.  The romantic in me was giddy with joy; how I desperately wished I could wear a hat or fascinator every day!  But enough of me pathetically trying to regurgitate what I saw, let’s let a picture (or 4 ) speak a thousand words:

Margie Trembley, milliner

Margie Trembley, milliner

Margie Trembley. milliner

Margie Trembley, milliner

These photos and more can be found on the Omaha Fashion Week Facebook Page, and are copyrighted by Greg Higgins of G Thomspon Higgins Gallery.

I spent the rest of the evening in a hat-daze.  I found Margie during intermission and had to gush to her about how much I loved her pieces and how amazing the show was.  What can I say?  I’m a sucker for romantics and an era long gone.

Saturday night I got to join the crowd of regular people (wink.)  It was just as fun (and the place was sold out!) and there was such an air of excitement.  My absolute favorite designer and look from the evening was Wayne Vaughn of Fella.  Do I even need to use words to describe why I love this?!

Greg Higgins of g thomspon higgins gallery 6

You can find this photo and more looks from that night on the Omaha Fashion Week Facebook Page, and this photograph is copyrighted by Greg Higgins of G Thomspon Higgins Gallery.

A special thanks to Omaha Fashion Week for providing tickets to the shows!

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