Dog Days Are Over #OFW

We spent most of Labor Day Weekend doing chores inside and out; we played for most of August, shirking our adult responsibilities.  Travel, blogging, back-to-school, weddings and more made it a fantastic (if not busy) month.  We sent summer out with a bang this year, heading North to Omaha for one last quick family retreat.  We arrived in the middle of a thunderstorm that was eerily beautiful in the way only summer storms can be and just as equally annoying; we were soaked.  Wet and hungry, we headed to our favorite local pie shop (locally-owned Zio’s) for some NY-sized slices of pizza and a bowl of pasta.  The life-size photos of New York City in it’s glory were the topic of most of the conversations that evening. 

Visit Omaha!  OFW, a Zoo (the aquarium!), a children't museum.......#OmahaWeekend

After dinner, we headed back to the hotel to meet up with Meg and get ready for our first night of Omaha Fashion Week; there was no way in heck I was going to forget to pack anything important this time around.  We hopped into the Hotel’s town car (okay, so it was a black Suburban, but at least it wasn’t a white van right? lol!)  I would have loved to do have had an #EvaChenPose moment, but let’s get real – I’m a suburban housewife.  You’re more likely to get a shot of my baked cookies than a designer leather handbag and this month’s shoe du jour (tennis shoes for me!) Aaaaand Megan was sitting in the seat across from me.  lol.  I also didn’t want to make the driver hang out while we got it all arranged 🙁

Visit Omaha!  OFW, a Zoo (the aquarium!), a children't museum.......#OmahaWeekend

We arrived at the VIP lounge, grabbed some water, had an obligatory picture taken and found our seats.  There were amazing lines that came down the runway; flamenco-inspired full skirts (lined in amazing contrasting colors!) from Bertheir de la Cruz and AFIELDA’s combination of modern design and cultural heritage that, when combined with the rhythm of the music, created a stunning visual effect that proved fashion truly is an art form.  We raced back to the hotel for their milk and cookies, and made it just in time to enjoy a tall stack of sugary cookies.

Berthier de la Cruz, OFW


Thanks to Megan for photos from Friday night’s shows!

Saturday morning was spent at the zoo (early, before it got too warm!) followed by the tail-end of the farmer’s market in the Old Market District where we scored some free and super-yum enchiladas from two very funny young sisters.  The boys wanted to find more sports cards (flea market stalls with mass amounts of sports memorabilia are the stuff of their dreams apparently!) and that meant we had to stop for ice cream at Ted & Wally’s (not that I minded at all!)  Never ones to slow down, we hit the Children’s Museum before it was time to prep for Saturday night’s fashion show.

Saturday night was the VIP finale, and the atmosphere was alive with the see-and-be-seen crowd mingling throughout the warm tent.  Meg and I met the designer behind the money dress (Sabrina Jones), a perfectly tailored dress made of…  The designers ranged from the classic silhouettes of Maximillian to the completely unexpected awe of Get Plastered’s runway lineup.  Be sure to check out Meg’s OFW recap for even more photos.  To see all the runway photos, visit OFW’s Facebook page.

Get Plastered, shown at OFW

Maximillian at OFW

A special thanks to Visit Omaha and Omaha Fashion Week for a great weekend!


  1. Sandy says:

    wish i could have gone with you!! 🙂

    Sandy a la Mode

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