Monday Weigh-In: Meggings

One morning I awoke to an email from my brother-in-law.  I must start off by saying that my bil and I aren’t exactly……tight.  The message was simple:

Was I nervous about clicking the link?  Yes.  It would be just like him to send me spam.  Curiosity got the better of me (it always does) and I opened it up.
The further I read, the more the satire bell rang.  Could you imagine having to ask these (surely they weren’t serious!) questions?  And then the equally serious, yet all-pun-intended answers?!  Was the Digital Managing Director at Glamour stating fact, or insulting the British?  Obviously the answers to the question “Which male celebrity could pull off meggings?” is the best read of this entire article (don’t miss it – it’s good!)
The big Weigh-In:  Meggings (or jeggings) – yes or no?
Years ago I was seated in the third row for the Kansas City Ballet’s Nutcracker.  Newsflash: The first few rows are always the WORST – unless you are in an intimate classroom setting and have terrible vision/bad hearing (that is the only exception.)  I wasn’t at eye level with the stage, and I wasn’t peering down at it either.  No, no instead I was staring up……usually right into the crotch of a prince.  Which would have been fine, had his jacket actually hit anywhere below his waist.  It’s not that I’m a pervert – but I don’t see it everyday and it’s really really hard not to see shapes and bulges.  There I said it.  I’m not perfect, in fact I’m merely human.  I will try hard not to stare at your man parts in tights, but don’t expect too much.


  1. The good news is I KNOW The Mr will never try to wear meggings. Now to get the rest of the world on board, lol!

  2. Versatile Style by Tracey says:

    With a house full of boys, this discussion came up and they were all 100 percent appalled from a woman's point of view not at all appealing!

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  5. Ngan Vuong says:

    OH MY EYEBALLS! LOL! Gotta give it to Conan for having the …ahem…guts (you thought I'd go there, but I didn't).. to wear that on tv! I will also remember to sit in the balcony next time I go to the ballet.

  6. sTitch Leggings says:

    sTitch says yes to male leggings, allow me to tell you a story;

    On the 28th of October 2012 two young city workers wore ill fitting female leggings to a fancy dress party in north London. These two individuals alongside another mutual friend have now tasked themselves with designing, manufacturing and selling male leggings to the fashion conscious male.

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  7. Truth says:

    Men's body is disgusting. Men should cover up and wear baggy clothes or even a burqua to cover their disgusting body up!!!

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