White Dress

I’ve come to accept a few truths about clothing.  Whites don’t stay very white for long.  Blacks fade.  That’s great for a leather jacket, not so much for a black cotton tee.  I replace white cardigans, jackets, sweaters, socks, you-name-it almost once a year.  Who here hasn’t worn a pair of dingy white socks before? These truths have led me to buy an inexpensive, low-quality items in white – like this white embroidered summer dress I found at Old Navy.  It’s something I won’t cry over when it finally falls apart in the washing machine, picks up a stain, or yellows in the armpit (no one likes to talk about it, but unless you’ve been botox-ing your ‘pits, it’s real man.)  Or worse, you leave it behind in your hotel (sad face.)

White embroidered summer dress ideas via PrettyPolishedPerfect.com #modest

Dress // Gladiator Sandals // Black Ray-Bans // Pink Ray-Bans // Necklace

I found this comfy white dress, sold in tall and perfect for everyday wear.  It’s linen and cotton mixed with a decent amount of rayon (a synthetic textile that mimics silk…..mostly.)  I love the tall sizes so I can get a dress that’s finally long enough.  I snagged it for less than 20 bucks during their 50% off dresses sale and I can’t wait to wear it in Mexico next week.  The gauzy texture of this fabric should make it travel-friendly (go away wrinkles!)  The best part?  It’s going to hide my extra vacation pounds just fine.  lol

White embroidered summer dress ideas // #pink sunglasses via PrettyPolishedPerfect.com #modest

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  1. Cute find! You are so right about whites. I have a white work blazer that so needs to be replaced. The sleeve cuffs and neckline are disgusting and no amount of dry cleaning or washing will fix it.

  2. Love, love, love this dress with the tassels!

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