Poncho Dress

I grabbed this poncho dress off the sale rack at Madewell – it was the very last one!  If you find it in your local store (or the thrift store, consignment stores or on ebay) – it’s a great buy (keep your fingers crossed for additional 40% off sale!) with its immense versatility.  Dress it up with heels, make it a day dress with cute sandals, wear it as a swimsuit cover-up and some flip-flops and I might even experiment with boots this fall/winter.  It’s great for skinny days, fat days and everything in between (except for those days when wearing white isn’t unlike thinking flies won’t be attracted to your sugary drink.)  Its’ comfy, and has enough to detail and drape to keep this A-line shape (tent?) from swallowing you whole or looking like you’re wearing a garbage bag.  I personally think the sleeves could use a little something, so I roll mine up a smidge – in a messy way, not that perfectly-folded, starched and pressed kind of way.  I have it in an XXS – you can definitely size down if you need to (which is awesome because the smallest and largest sizes are usually what’s found in the sale section!)

pretty_polished_perfect_Madewell_poncho_dress_OFW 2

Madewell Poncho Dress for the dog days of summer on Pretty, Polished, Perfect.com

Madewell Poncho Dress for summer on Pretty, Polished, Perfect.com

Thanks to Megan of Chasing Davies for being my photographer, and to the beautiful Magnolia Hotel – the architecture is amazing (and perfect for photo shoots…..and weddings and parties!)


  1. Love Madewell and this dress is so cute on you! Great look! xo – Katie – hauteallure.com

  2. Ngan says:

    That dress is so YOU, Erin! And fabulous photos, Meg!

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