Leather Shopper Tote: Trend or Timeless

With cool temps and daily rain forecasted, I’m devoting this week to denim.  Let’s call it Denim Week.  Or Three ways to wear denim this summer.  Or……whatever you want to call it (it might also be an ode to the Madewell Transport Tote – my favorite leather shopper tote of all time!)  First up is my favorite and most-lived-in pair of boyfriends jeans.  They are as comfortable as they look, while still be just this side of socially acceptable.  What could possibly scream SUMMER more than a white t-shirt?  Am I right?! 

Boyfriend Jeans, white tee, leopard print slip-on tennies?  Yes please, via PrettyPolishedPerfect.com

Citizens of Humanity Dylan Jeans
H&M Basic White T-shirt
Madewell Transport Tote
H&M Leopard Print Slip-On Tennis Shoes (sold out!)

 I bought my shopper tote from Madewell last fall.  I’ve loved it through the winter, forced it through a spring (and an open water bottle spill, ugh!) and now I’m nurturing it back to health for summer.  I’ve loved it for its versatilility, durability and of course, all it’s compliments.  I wear it with black and brown; I dress it up or down.  Out of the many bags I have lining my shelves taking up space, this is one of my favorites.

Boyfriend Jeans + Madewell Transport Tote + Leopard slip-on tennis shoes = summer staple for any wardrobe, via PrettyPolishedPerfect.com


  1. i am soo happy i bought that bag, but i need to use it more haha!!

    Sandy a la Mode

  2. Such a cute, relaxed look. Boyfriend jeans are my fave!

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