KCFW Student Designers and The Emmy Goes To…..

Best Dressed Emmy’s goes to Alison Williams in a green (the most stunning shade of the evening, in my opinion) peplum and origami-esque Oscar de la Renta.  What dress(es) made your Best Dressed list?

Photos Courtesy of MSN WonderWall

Honorable mentions: Heidi Klum wins best color (Alexandre Vauthier), Tina Fey is on trend with oxblood, and only Padma could get away with this color. 

Photos Courtesy of MSN WonderWall
Worst Dresssed contenders include: Glenn Close’ dress might be the most unflattering dress I’ve ever seen – it’s a still frame from Edward Scissorhands, with lace.  There was a time when it was absolutely imperative that your handbag match your shoes; there was never a time that it was imperative that your hair match your dress (cough*Kelly*cough) (Zac Posen)

MHMG (Most Horrid Maternity Gown) goes to Claire Danes.  She was quoted as terming this gown “bump- friendly.”  She’s right, and the bump is the only thing this dress is friends with!  Fire your stylist or hire one I say – it can be a long nine months.

 p.s. Is Kat Denning pregnant or is that another ill use of pleatery/gathering (J. Mendel)? The worst styles are the kind that ask the question, “Is she or isn’t she?” 

Photos courtesy of MSN WonderWall

Speaking of best dressed (and worst), t

he last day of KCFW was the student designer Runway Show.  There were some amazing collections that made it down that runway.

Little Shell Designs, by Michelle Kleineweber used dramatic styling to feature her designs:

Kendra Morgan of AML Designs, gave us edgier more contemporary wedding apparel including this amazing pant-suit-jumper!

Designer Kaity Rathman brought architectural lines, varying textures and a feminine edginess to Kansas City with her line inspired by The High Line Park near the Hudson River.

Student designer Elise Lammert impressed attendees with a line full of attitude, creativity and what must have been pain-staking hours of sheer patience.

15 year old “student” designer Kate Walz (her age alone speaks volumes) brought us gowns suitable for prom and the Emmys.  Granted, these prom-goers would be the most fashion-forward in the country club.  Kate’s dresses were both modern and feminine (and had me wishing I had one for my own prom years ago!)

Katie McKenna of Pink Sheep Heiress made me wish for summer and the boardwalk with her sorbet colors  and polka dot patterns (not to mention my first love – stripes!!)  Youthful with a tinge of the 50s, I can’t wait to see what Katie comes up with next.
CW Couture designer Caroline Williard showed pieces that were ultra-feminine with edgy details – like this softly draped velvet romper lined with sharp tooth-like details. 
LaTonya Jones of Senoj brought us street-punk style with feminine twists in shiny metallics and prints, and shoulder pad details.
To end the afternoon, we were treated to a show greater than any Toddlers & Tiaras yet.  I’m not sure where Hollie Hanash of Ruffled Runway found her models, but those girls could work it!  Surprisingly enough, the atmosphere was fun and playful, rather than tragic and heinous (come on, you know that’s how you feel when you watch those pageant shows!)

There is some real talent here, and with a little bit of fine-tuning (we all get better with age, right?) and experience, these designers might make it big.  Kate Walz still has a ways to go (at least legally) but I wouldn’t be surprised if all of America sees more of her in the future!  
Congratulations to all the student designers at Kansas City Fashion Week on a job well done!

More photos from the KCFW Student Designer Showcase can be found here.


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