I made it back from Spring Break just in time to catch the final runway show for KCFW Fall/Winter 2015.  There were a few designers I was disappointed I missed from earlier in the week, but there were a few designers I was glad to be catching this season: Architexture: Definitely true to their aesthetic, the show boasted the same silhouettes and minimalist lines (and the ever present gray tab denoting the brand) with a hint of pantone’s merlot?  The architectural influence is still front and center, and I don’t mind in the slightest. Architexture at #KCFW Kate Walz: I fell in love with Kate Walz when I first saw her collection of ball gowns for the S/S 13 show.  She showed great promise and I romanticized her as another Oscar de la Renta or Christian Dior.  Each season has brought something different though.  It’s been interesting to see which silhouettes and fabrics she explores with, and this season saw a hint of last years fabrics but with some major experimentation with the silhouettes. Kate Walz for #KCFW Laura McGrew:  This is the first show I’ve seen of Laura’s and there were a few pieces that appealed to my ready-to-wear side.  Noteworthy: I’m tempted to wear fur boots.  Fur realz. (did you see what I did there?) Laura McGrew for #KCFW christianMICHEAL:  Always my favorite – but I might be biased.  He’s always quick to say hi and gives great hugs, and he makes it difficult not to root for him.  This season he didn’t disappoint.  While his pieces took a far more edgy turn than his previous looks, there was still something so perfectly masculine that I couldn’t begrudge him the avant-garde pieces.  There is something so recognizable about the cut of the sleeves  – that crook in the elbow that keeps his looks cohesive across the seasons.  There was even a piece that had me yearning to “borrow from the boys.”  Then there was the incredibly darkly-sexy look that came down the runway – whose presence was made perfect by the dark and edgy strut of a dangerous-looking man; and yet something about this model, this look, had me aching to comfort and soothe whatever deep and dark emotions he carried with him.  Again, I love Christian’s shows.  Any designer that can evoke emotion truly understands fashion and design; it is so much more than just an outfit or a look.  It’s an art.   christianMICHEAL for #KCFW House of Cochon:  Again, I might be biased.  I’ve met the people behind this jewelry line, and I’ve seen the extent of their large hearts and charitable contributions to the Arts community in Kansas City.  Biased or not, I’m now on the hunt for wooden bangles to wear this summer! House of Cochon #KCFW Whitney Rorah Designs:  Dear sons, I have found the perfect mother-in-law wedding apparel and I hope your wives approve; too bad if they don’t.  Also, let’s wear formalwear all day. every day. Whitney Rorah Designs for #KCFW Laura Kathleen:  I think I miss the patterns she used last season.  There were a few high notes, but the overall color palette clashed with current love for florals and prints and bright colors.  It was a fall collection that was difficult to view in the midst of a real-time spring shopping spree.  But I will say this: She is absolutely darling with that pregnant belly! Laura Kathleen for #KCFW #ProjectRunway   See all these photos and more, including detail shots, on the Pretty, Polished, Perfect facebook page (and hey, give me some love – or a like – while there!)

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