KCFW Designer Reviews: Friday October 4

It’s day 2 of KCFW at the beautiful Union Station, and the fun is just beginning.  Photos of each collection in their entirety can be found on the Pretty, Polished, Perfect Facebook page.  Just a gentle reminder: all photos are copyrighted and permission to use must be granted.

Bridget Julia Couture:  How do I word this correctly?  The collection was like a crafter’s dream come true (and that’s a compliment, by the way.)  It reminded me of sparkles, glitters, confetti, sequins, leftover fabric scraps; all made into fabulously fun dresses.  With a just a hint of pageantry, designer Bridget Mahoney brought life to the party.

Katie Lee:  I loved every single one of designer Kate Nickols’ dresses.  Flowy, soft, feminine, simple.  Well-made, well-tailored, I can’t wait to see more!

House of Cochon:  Great performances with a side of sass are always a given when designers Courtney Perry and Amanda Burkhart put on a show and they certainly didn’t disappoint.  When this piece first turned the corner and headed down the runway, I instantly fell in love with this piece:

Saks Off 5th Boutique:  I have to give them honorable mention here.  We couldn’t understand a word the MCs were saying, so we all took pictures and ooh-ed and ahh-ed over these amazingly crafted pieces.  The joke was on us – this wasn’t Jillian Fellers, this was designer-crafted clothing, lol!

Jillian Fellers: All I know is, The Mr needs to re-propose so we can have a second wedding/renewal of our vows.  Satin is not always flattering (think off-the-rack, stark-white monstrosities that glaringly cling to your every imperfection) but Jillian Fellers uses it to perfection.  Stunningly simple, exquisitely tailored, romantically fluid.  I could come up with excuses to wear these gowns on an every-day basis.

Cass & Britt:  Playful.  Feminine.  Time-transporting.  Romantic throwback to a very different era.  I loved the general feeling of joy emanating from the models (it may have been contagious!)  Their designs has me feeling pride over feminine curves, wanting to flaunt rather than hide them.  Can we all just pause for a second for this look?  From head to toe, I loved every detail of this styling.  Makes me think “Foxy Brown” twenty years earlier (with a completely different set of problems, lol!)

KC Pet Project:  A portion of all ticket sales went to this amazing charity.  This one wins best color-coordination:

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