KCFW Designer Review: Saturday, October 5

Saturday’s show focused on details.  Amazing details.  I think the designer’s with the greatest skill in craftsmanship (flawless seams and fit!!) were saved for the last evening of shows.  While the entire looks were amazing, it was the details that really won me over that night.  Be sure to check out the full collection photos on the Pretty, Polished, Perfect Facebook page (especially Hilary Brown’s!!)

Lauren Bander:  Designer Lauren Bander used an earthy color palette and float-y textiles to lift us into a sense of soft femininity with a touch of the ethereal.  She had me convinced I could walk about normal every-day activities toting an overly large flower.

BMDESIGNS:  Back again for another season (after her move to New York,) designer Brittany Davidson’s collection was……..I just don’t know.  Though I was not as inspired by this collection (did you see last years?!) her obvious skills and artistic vision continue to grow.  Also, her soundtrack was phenomenal.  My favorite part of the collection was (surprise, surprise) the small details and trims, as well as her use of subtle color-blocking.  I can’t wait to see what Brittany will come up with next!
ARCHITEXTURE:  Let’s face it.  Capes can look……super-hero-ish, costume-y, cheap.  It takes the skilled work and artistic vision of design duo John and Christina Moncke to take that horrid cliche and turn it into something every woman will now want to own (myself included.)  Not unlike the Brand name, this collection was full of simple yet stunning architectural lines.  When a designer can combine architectural lines with the soft curves of a feminine body, art happens.  Kudos to this design duo, I cannot wait to see more!
RARE TRENDS:  Designers Paola Moore and Marina Silver kept our attention with a throwback to 70s (think bellbottoms, leather jackets and more.)  My absolute favorite was the long fringe dress in black leather.  It was amazing to see come down the runway (if not a little bit painful to watch – where’s a slit when you need one?)  While I would definitely forgo the velveteen pants, the rest of the collection was fun, feminine and has some great edgy pieces.
christianMICHEAL:  Designer Christian Shuster holds a special place in my menswear-loving heart.  Season after season, he pushes out menswear looks that push always manage to convey a sense of utter gentleman-liness (also, ‘milkman’ – I will let you decide how that makes you feel.)  This season’s collection was ah-mazing.  He has such a talent for clean, well-executed lines, and the fit of those pants was nothing but perfection.  Of course, my love for all things preppy may have swayed my opinion, just a smidge, lol!  Finally, a pair of cropped pants men can (and should!) wear!  
Hilary Brown:   All personal feelings aside (I genuinely like this sweet designer!) I loved this collection.  I was ready to book a ticket to any resort and wear every single piece of this collection.  Beautiful, soft muted colors, and sweet femininity were all found this decidedly dancer’s-background collection.  The pieces were flawlessly executed, from hems to fit.  Another amazing mention has to be given for her use of 3D-printed elements she incorporated into the designs and styling (look for an etsy shop coming soon, you will not be disappointed!)
Kate Walz:  Kate’s youth tends to wow people, but it’s her talent and determination to learn and do bigger and better things that amazes me (impressive at any age.)  This collection was feminine as always, but with a hint of vintage that reminded me of Cary Grant and Grace Kelly.  I loved the soft, almost neutral colors (last year’s was vivid pinks and reds that I loved!) and the way the skirts of the gowns swirled flawlessly as they walked down the runway.  It’s fun to see Kate’s vision and I can’t wait to see more from her, especially as her execution and attention to detail continues to progress.
Don’t forget to see all of the designer’s look on the Pretty, Polished, Perfect facebook page!


  1. ChasingDavies says:

    Loved your write up!

    Megan from Chasing Davies

  2. sandyalamode says:

    loved hanging out with you at the event! 🙂

    Sandy a la Mode

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