KCFW: Blogger Preview

This past Saturday, my fellow bloggers and I were invited to the ultra-glam Hotel Phillips for a sneak peak into a few of the Kansas City Fashion Week‘s designers’ sketchbooks.  It seemed a rare treat indeed; I had thought that a designers’ sketchbook was a bit more like a closely-guarded diary, and I felt honored to take a peek inside.

Michelle Kleineweber of Little Shell Designs, was humble enough to share her sketchbook, blushing and embarrassed when I asked her about some notations and doodlings in amongst the clothing designs.  While last fall brought us ready-to-wear, Michelle has a line-up full of gowns (inspired by semi-precious gemstones from around the world) in polka dots and chiffon (yeah, I’m excited to see what she does with the polka dots!)
Little Shell Designs, her inspiration, a peek into her sketchbook and a sampling of what we can expect to see at KCFW
New this season is Janay A., whose point of view includes edited and clean, yet tussled and with a vintage-throwback, wedding dresses.  Think outdoor weddings, burlaps and daisies (or boho-chic.)  She will be wowing audiences with her eco-friendly (she uses tea-dying and silk hemp,) beautiful dresses this season (based on her portfolio and sketches, she is an up and coming designer to keep an eye on!)  While satin and lace is nice, she uses varying textures and slight pops of colors to break up the traditional gown.
Janay’s real-life pinterest board and a sketch from her portfolio
From Omaha Nebraska, Tiffany Headley of Haus of Donna Faye brings us Betsey Johnson with a touch of Chanel……in leather.  That’s how she described her aesthetic.  While her professors may have discouraged her from this chosen profession, her sketchbook and choice of fabrics speaks ill of their opinions.  I can’t wait to see the ready-to-wear line she’s bringing to Kansas City!
Visit kcfashionweek.com for more information, schedules and tickets.


  1. Sandy a la Mode says:

    ohh soo cool! darn! i wish i had gone now!!!

    Sandy a la Mode

  2. Wow, what an amazing experience! I'm so jealous!

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